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The VIP Marketing Strategy

I hope you are already doing this, if not, you should treat you loyal prospects as VIPs (very important person). You should give them discounts, you should provide them with news that very few other people will get and you should provide them with all sorts of goodies, because your loyal prospects will hang around longer.

The VIP Marketing Strategy

Image by Samuel Stroube

It’s rather easy to use this marketing strategy. Just think about it, what would you really appreciate to get from a person much like yourself?

Give them

If you have a list of loyal prospects, you can just send them an email and you can start the email with “I want to give my loyal prospects a discount…”

You can do this before every launch of a new product. If a person have bought one of your other products, then this person will automatically get a discount on every new product that you will release.

You can create a buying frenzy by limiting the number of days the discount will be available.

It’s a great way to build loyalty. Your customers will hang around longer if you give them some special VIP treatment once in a while.

It’s important that they know and feel that they are treated as VIPs. Because if they do, they won’t unsubscribe to your lists, and they will stick around in order to be a part of your gang.

Who are your loyal prospects?

It’s all up to you to define them.

You could say that all the people on your list (if you have an optin list, the people receiving your newsletter) are your loyal prospects.

… or you could say that only people that have been with you for a long time (at least 1 year) should be considered loyal.

… or you could say that only buyers of your products should be considered loyal and treated as VIPs.

This VIP marketing strategy is a lot like Word of Mouth Marketing. If your loyal prospects feel honored by the way you treat them, they will most likely tell other people about it. This way, you will get more fans and more sales.

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