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A Video of Our College President on Facebook

If you have been reading my blog for a while, most likely, you have read about the letter from the president of the college where I work. She has been writing a letter to all our students, and it has been sent to each student. It’s the old fashion way, using paper. And as far as I know, our students really appreciate it. That’s because the letter is kind of personal.

Now, we are about to do some changes.

Even though the letter is a success, it’s rather expensive and we are thinking about doing something that is better for the environment. Think about it, we are sending the letter to apx. 4000 students, we are using one sheet of paper and an envelope, and we have to pay for stamps for each of the 4000 envelopes.

I have received the new letter, and I have been thinking about a new and interesting approach.

What if we publish the letter on our website, along with a picture of our President. At the bottom of the letter, we will put a link to our group at facebook and tell the readers that they can watch a video where our President is speaking to all the students (well, she is actually reading the letter).

By doing this, we’ll be testing a new approach to the old letter. It won’t be as personal, but it has a better chance of going viral and this way, it won’t just be a letter to our own students, but a way of marketing our college to new students.

What do you think, is this something that we should try?

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