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Video of Facebook Marketing with Events

This video is on how to send mass messages with Facebook. All you need to do is create an event, get people to join the event and start sending them messages.

I am not saying that you should be sending spam to all your members, but be sure to keep your messages related to your event.

Now, here is the video on how to create an event on Facebook and how to send messages to all the members:

This is of course very interesting if you are thinking about using Facebook for marketing purposes. I am going to give you an example of how the college where I work probably should use Facebook and how we should use it to promote an event.

Earlier today I attended a meeting about “open day”. This is an event we had on February 26, everybody could come and take a closer look at our college and ask questions.

Now, during this meeting we agreed upon having “open day” next year at 10th of March.

I could create an event at Facebook and start updating Facebook with all the information we have available for this event. I could send the invitation to all my friends, all my colleagues could send an invitation to join the event to all their friends and so on.

Then, I could start sending mass messages to all the members of the “Open day” event and keep them updated at what’s happening and all the various activities.

I think it’s a very interesting and free marketing technique, it’s also sort of a viral marketing technique. It’s very easy to spread the word.

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