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A very Simple way to Make your Blog more Attractive

I am not talking about attractive as a more beautiful blog or attractive as an explanation of how to get a lot more readers to your blog. I am using the word attractive as to meaning how you can give your readers more satisfaction of visiting your blog and reading your articles.

Well, you might get more readers in the long run from this, but in the end it’s still about providing them with great content.

The reason I am writing this post today, is that I have been looking for a specific wordpress plugin for a while (actually I have been thinking about that I should be looking for it). I found it a few days ago. The plugin is called wp-print and it displays a printable version of your WordPress blog’s post or page.

You can see it at the bottom of all my posts and pages, look for the print icon with the text “Print This Post”. When you click it, you will get the post alone (without any navigation or images) and you can print it out like an article without any interference (from different colors and backgrounds or whatever).

Why will installing this plugin make your blog more attractive?

I believe that by installing wp-print, you will give your readers an important option of printing your posts when they want to have it on paper. They might want it on paper for several reasons:

There might be many reasons why it is important for your readers to get a printable version of your blog. I don’t know how many times that I have printed pages from other websites and blogs and ended up with so much graphic and stuff that almost ruined the enjoy of reading it on paper, and not to talk about the cost of printing it.

In my opinion, you are doing your readers a big favor if you install this plugin. I really enjoy reading good posts on paper, and many of your readers might as well.

6 responses to “A very Simple way to Make your Blog more Attractive”

  1. annalaura says:

    I love Gmail but use it only for personal use, as I think professionally you should have an email with your domain name.

  2. Jens says:

    Thank you, that´s exactly what I do 🙂

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