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A Very Interesting Re-Launch

A short while ago I heard that Traffic Soldiers were going to have a re-launch. First of all, I am not sure what a re-launch really is. Is a re-launch sort of like a comeback? Have Traffic Soldiers been away for a while and now they are telling the world that we are going to try once more? Or is a re-launch more of a “new features and new design” kind of thing?

Well, I haven´t tried Traffic Soldiers for a long time, it seems like ages ago. So, when I heard about the re-launch, I just had to log in and test it. What I saw was amazing. The design is something I really enjoy, I just love it. And the surfing was also great, everything so far has been great.

If you haven´t signed up for a free account at Traffic Soldiers yet, I recommend that you do. I am not sure how effective the marketing aspect of the traffic exchange is yet, but I think it should be rather good. Pal Lovell is the owner (well, I think he is still the owner) and he is a respected online marketer.

Visit Traffic Soldiers.

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