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Very important Feature now at AWeber

I don`t remember how many times I have lost my unsaved work in various programs, but most of them using MS Word. I remember one time that I wrote for what seems to be hours, but was probably a lot less, it resulted in several pages of text and then the power suddenly was gone. I had no electricity in my house for a few hours, and all the pages of text was gone and all the “hours” of work was rather wasted.

Now, I have an autosave option for MS Word and I click save rather often as well, I just don`t want to lose any more text. And finally, my favorite Autoresponder has this feature as well. AWeber has the automatically save as default.

I am not sure if the other autoresponders (like GetResponse) have autosave or not, if not, they should implement it soon. You never think about how important this feature is before you actually lose your work. WordPress got this feature by default as well, and this is even more important to me, because I use WordPress all the time.

If you think about it for a second, what do you think is the most important features of an Autoresponder?

I am not sure, but a great way to show you that your messages are not going to be stopped at spam filters is a powerful feature, another one is a great editor (both plain text and html), a third feature is the broadcast, where you send your message to all people (or just a few) on your list.

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