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The value of time in marketing

This is a guest post by Giedrė Dubiševaitė.

What are your biggest fears when you work in a marketing field?

Bad press? Negative ROI? Online feedback that you have no control over?

All valid points. But for me, it’s getting stuck in a never-ending routine and being consumed by meetings and repetitive tasks that bring no tangible results.

Routine squeezes out the creativity. It brings the feeling of vanity.

Routine awakens self-doubt and raises questions if all of this is worth the time.

Worst of all, it eats up your time.

Did you know that the average marketer spends a third of his time completing repetitive tasks? Sam Bolter did a survey for Hubspot and found that some of the tasks consuming most of marketers’ time are “collecting, organizing, and analyzing marketing data from different sources”.

What if I told you that you can skip these tasks? Instead of glueing pieces of Google Analytics stats into one report, you can be already explaining them to your client, and coming up with the next great communication idea!

You can. We created Whatagraph for people like you.

We take data from Google Analytics and Facebook, and generate visual infographic reports, so every marketing specialist can get more value from their time.

No marketer needs to devote more time for repetitive tasks. Spend it on things that matter and leave analytics reporting for Whatagraph. Signup, add your Google Analytics or Facebook account and start getting automated reports for your web and social performance.

Give Whatagraph a try with a 14 day trial. I am sure you will love it.

About Giedrė
Giedrė is a marketing manager at Whatagraph, a young company that developed a visual solution for marketing agencies and independent website owners to automate website and social media analytics reporting.

3 responses to “The value of time in marketing”

  1. Joshua says:

    I hate getting stuck in a never-ending routine and being consumed by repetitive tasks that bring no tangible results.

    For sure, Whatagraph will help marketing agencies and independent website or blog owners to get full overview of web performance.

  2. being stuck in one task keeps us stressed and anxious, no new ideas no moving.It’s important to know his basics and some new skills to prevent any problem in marketing.

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