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The Value of Opinion and Perspective

First, let me tell you what I like most about blogging; it’s that I am writing exactly what I prefer to write about. I am not forced to do anything; I do what I like, when I like to do it.

I am blogging because I like to give people the context, and I like to do it in two ways: I like to give people my opinion, and I like to give them a perspective.

Let me tell you why it’s valuable, and why you should consider opinion and perspective to be part of your blogging strategy or even your company’s marketing strategy.

Opinion is important because you are telling people what you believe about news or hot topics. Opinion is important because you are important, and people are interested to know what your opinion is. It’s important, because providing people with your opinion, you are also telling people what to believe.

Perspective is important because you are asking the question “what does this mean?” You are taking what is being said about a topic and using it to ask different questions.

Let me give you an interesting example.

I am working at a college in Norway, and we are trying to promote the college in order to get more students. We can create a great marketing campaign, and the results can be staggering. From the marketing campaign, we have received 1000 new students (just a wild number). The total number of new students to our college are apx. 1500 a year.

The marketing campaign was a big success, but what if we analyze it and find that close to 100% of the new students came from the same (small) town and we ask questions like; would that have any effect on our teachers, on the other students, on the city where our college is located?

This is just a far-fetched example, but it’s a way of putting things in perspective.  The marketing team at the college is celebrating, but if they put the marketing campaign in a perspective; was it really a success or not?

Asking new questions can make you stand out from the crowd, it can help make what you are doing different, you can finally be unique… and that’s exatly what you want to become.

4 responses to “The Value of Opinion and Perspective”

  1. Lars Vemund says:

    Halla, Social ad hadde jo vært perfekt for promoteringdirekte mot den aldersgruppen som skal søke på HIØ til Høsten da.. Her kan vi virkelig treffe målgruppen. Ungdom fra 17-19 år i Norge/Østfold… Hør om du får en tusing til ett prøveprosjekt 😉

  2. Jens says:

    Du må skrive på engelsk da 🙂

    Det er jo Social Ads som vi bruker når vi annonserer på Facebook 🙂

  3. Lars Vemund says:

    Do we annonse der da? 😛

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