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Using Twitter as News Aggregator

What seems to be a long time ago, I was spending hours a day visiting newspapers online, and reading all sorts of stories. Then, I started using RSS (it also seems like ages ago), and aggregated all the news to my RSS reader. I spent less time, and read just as much. Now, things are evolving further with the use of Twitter.

I’ve discovered that Twitter can be even more useful, more than the major newspapers, and more than my RSS reader. It’s all about combining Twitter search and Twitter stream aggregators.

12 ways to use Twitter search

If you use the search engine at Twitter, you can find almost anything, based upon keywords, geography, topics, and trends.

You can either do what I do with RSS. Subscribe to the Twitter feeds from people and companies that you really enjoy or you can let other people decide for you. Or you can use services that will do the search a lot easier for you.

First, here are 12 interesting services that will help you to use the real power of Twitter search:

With the services above, you’ll have to spend time to find what you’re looking for. With Twitter stream aggregators, you’ll find the top tweets and trends.

Twitter Stream Aggregator

A brand new service that came to my attention just a few days ago is TweetPortal. They’re like gatekeepers, selecting the the top tweets for you. It looks very interesting, and for news (world news, US news, business, sports, technology, music, and technology) it might be all that you’re looking for. Each category has subcategories, so you can get news on a more detailed level. They even got a local version for Utah. I recommend that you give TweetPortal a try.

Other Twitter stream aggregators, different from TweetPortal, are:

Combine the power of Twitter search with the use of Twitter stream aggregators, and you’ll stay updated on any topic.

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