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Using Twitter to Attract Visitors to Your Blog

I have been using Twitter for a while, but I haven’t really been as fascinated as the rest of the world (or at least so it seems). To me, Twitter has just been a cool tool that I sort of used for a few weeks, until I found myself asking; what’s the point?

I am still asking that questions, but now, I have at least found a way to attract visitors to my blog using Twitter. It works, and it’s completely free.

I have signed up at twitterfeed, and I added the feeds to my blogs. That took me about 20 seconds. Yes, that’s actually it.

What twitterfeed does, is that it displays your blog posts at Twitter. Every time you publish a new post, all your followers will get the message. They’ll see your title, a short description and a link to the post. It’s all 100% automated.

This is not cheating, even though it sort of feels like it. This is more like a new way of posting messages to your “friends”. You do it from your blog instead of using your mobile phone, instant message client, web browser or e-mail.

You are letting them know what you are doing, you are staying connected with your “friends”, family and co-workers, and that’s the whole point about Twitter or am I still missing something?

But remember, Twitter is not just about one-way communication. You should still look at other people’s messages and be active, that’s the only real way to get massive traffic from Twitter.

But just to let you know, twitterfeed really works.

Follow me on Twitter, and I will follow you.

5 responses to “Using Twitter to Attract Visitors to Your Blog”

  1. Wes1981 says:

    I have been blogging for a few months now but dont seem to be getting a lot of traffic 34 i think to date, is there any way to get more people interested is it to do with content or the more content you publish. Or is it the same people coming back to read the new articles i write any help would be great thankyou

    • I believe it’s about two things. 1) It’s about original / unique quality content and 2) It’s about relationships / networking. The more blogs you comment, the more people you keep a relationship with (they should be in the same niche as you), the more visitors you’ll get.

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