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Using The Riddle as a Marketing Strategy

What do Internet marketing experts Seth Godin, Joel Comm, Andrew Fox, and John Reese all have in common?


Well, I have no idea, other than that they are all Internet marketing experts and they are all men. I am only using them to prove a point about an interesting marketing strategy.

Do you remember The Da Vinci code by Dan Brown? Well, if you do, you probably also remember how most people love codes, mysteries and riddles.

If I had a product, I could have started with the riddle above and told you that all those respected men bought my product, and that this is what they have in common. I bet you would have been really impressed by that wouldn’t you? You might even have bought the product just so you could have something in common with the credible experts?

Because what it often comes down to, is that when people we respect have bought something, we think that what they bought has to be good, and therefore we would also like to buy it. We want to know what they know, we want to be successful like they are.

You get it?

It’s always a good thing to get your visitors to start thinking. Use the riddle as a marketing strategy, and you will have your visitors curious or inquisitive. It doesn’t have to be four Internet marketing experts, and the answer doesn’t have to be that they have all bought your product. It can be almost anything. But make the answer to be something positive about your product.

If you don’t reveal the answer at the very beginning of your e-mail or sales page, your prospects might start researching the topic, or asking questions. They will become involved and want to know more about your product or service. You might want to have them send the answer to you, and you might want to reveal the answer only to people who can figure it out.

I remember a riddle not long ago, I think it was about three months ago. It was a mathematical riddle, and it seemed to be rather easy to figure out. The problems was that it was actually really hard, it just looked easy. In order to find out if you had the right answer, you would have to unlock an excel file where the answer was the password. Many of my friends couldn’t put their heads to rest before they had finished the riddle.

I think that the way to use a riddle on your prospects is to let them think and let them become active… and let them find out how incredibly impressive your product is. Let them find out this by solving the riddle or at least by thinking… don’t just give them a long sales letter.

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