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Using the Publicity Wheel to boost your traffic and exposure

This is a guest post by Mark Schumann, the developer of The Publicity Wheel.

The Publicity Wheel is a new web service that can provide a large boost in traffic and exposure for any website.  The concept works by featuring one website (per category) at a time through banner/text links on participating members’ sites.  Unlike a traditional banner/link exchange program there are no impression figures or ratios to worry about, and by having your website promoted by hundreds of other websites on a permanent basis for several days, the benefits can be huge.  Instead of impressions and ratios, The Publicity Wheel works through a kind of ticketing system known as “publicity points”.  This is explained in further detail below.

Getting Started
After creating an account and selecting a category that best suits your site, it is recommended that you upload your own banner images in sizes of 125×125, 200×200 and 468×60 pixels.  These will be used when your site is featured and displayed on members’ sites.  If you don’t upload any banner images, generic “Publicity Wheel” banners will be used instead, but still forward all clicks to your site.

The next step is to begin earning publicity points so that you have a greater chance of being featured at the next “spin”.  Each point earned is effectively one ticket (or chance) at winning the next spin, so the more you have the better your chances.  If you don’t win, you don’t lose your tickets, so you have a greater chance of winning as you accumulate points over time.  Winners’ points are also reset to zero to allow lower-traffic sites increase their chances over time.

Ensure you are logged in, and open up the Earn Publicity Points tab to select the category of websites you would like to promote on your own site (generally the same as yours).  Choose the most appropriate banner or text link, and copy the code into the section of your site to have it displayed.

That’s basically it! Each time one of your visitors clicks on these banners/links, you will earn a number of publicity points, which are then used to select the winner of the next spin.

The Publicity Wheel is not for everyone, but it does provide a more unique and enjoyable method for promoting your website.

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