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Using Injustice To Promote Your Products

Using examples of injustice can be the most powerful way to promote your products or at least it can be the most powerful way to get attention. This is how you can get inside people’s minds, and this is how you can get them emotional about your products.

Injustice is the opposition to justice.

In order to use Injustice to promote your products, you need to know how to use injustice to get people to become emotional.

For instance, how do you react to the fact that the USA holds detainees in Guantanamo Bay without charge?

Well, some people might be furious, some will think that it’s wrong (but not do anything about it) and many people just don’t care.

Why do we react so differently?

I believe that it’s because the injustice is not personalized. If we get the story about an individual, with a face and a name, someone that we can relate to, then close to everybody will react emotionally to the injustice.

Let me give you another example.

The really tragic story about Sean Bell that was shot by cops after his bachelor party.

Close to 100% will probably have strong emotional reactions to this story.

Do you see the difference?

The two examples above are kind of extreme, but it’s just a way for me to prove my point.

Now, how can you benefit from using injustice as a way to promote your products?

Find a way that your product can help prevent injustice, tell your prospects the story of a victim (an individual with a face, a name and a story), and how this person could have experienced justice if he or she had bought your product or service.

Or, if you are promoting a work from home opportunity. You could always give examples of injustice jobs with very low wages, and tell your prospects about how they could change all that.

If you are promoting insurance; you could use an example of greedy insurance companies and tell the world what you would have done.

If you experience personal injustice, you might get a lot of helpful comments from your readers. And that’s because nobody likes injustice.

This is all just an example of how you can use powerful emotions to promote your products or services, and injustice might be the most powerful emotional trigger.

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