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Using Facebook Poking to Advertise

As I wrote earlier, a Facebook poke can mean anything, and now I am thinking about why not use Facebook poking to advertise?

You can use it to advertise yourself, maybe in order to get a date, to get new friends, to promote your ideas, your business or whatever you would like to promote.

You can poke all kinds of people, from your family and friends to people you don’t know at all. It’s easy, it’s free and it works. But you don’t know if they will actually visit your profile or if they will just remove your poke. If they get too many pokes (from other people than you), they might remove their pokes without visiting your profile.

If you want to start poking a lot of people, you might want to know that you can run into problems with Facebook. I am not sure if they will temporarily stop your account or just block your poking.

Instead of poking hundreds of people, I would be more interested in finding people with similar interests and start poking them. If you get people with similar interests to visit your profile, you will have a better chance of them visiting your website or joining your business.

You need to put what you want to advertise inside your profile, becaues it’s in your profile that you do the advertising when it comes to poking. You should build a Facebook profile that you can be proud of. Tell your story and keep it updated, use it to advertise yourself and your “business”

You need:

You can add a lot more to your profile and you probably should, but I think that this is what you need to have in order for people to find you interesting. If they find you interesting, they might also find what you do interesting.

There are a few problems related to using poking to advertise. First of all, it’s related to spam. If you just start poking all kinds of people that you don’t know, it would be considered as spam. There are auto poking scripts that you can use to poke people, I am not sure if this is a problem or not, but I guess it’s more a problem for people receiving pokes all the time. And remember, if you start poking around, eventually some of the people you poke might actually punish you 🙂

By the way, I have not updated my profile and I have not been poking at all (well, almost not at all) – but I guess it could work, or what do you think?

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