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Using Facebook Pages To Attract Students

The College where I work is not using Facebook Pages to attract new students. The reason that we’re not, is because we don’t have a strategy when it comes to using social marketing. Hopefully, that’s about to change soon.

I’ve been thinking that we should be using Facebook in order to attract new students, and I’ve written about the top 10 reasons to use Facebook Pages. We tested a marketing campaign using Facebook, but it didn’t go exactly as planned. This time, it will be different.

Stanford University

I have been looking at how Stanford University is using Facebook Pages, because I think that they are doing a great job.

Using videos…

They’re using videos to communicate with their students (potential students and former students, well it’s open to everybody). They publish Stanford Open Office Hours, it’s open to everybody, and we can discuss each video.

If we do something similar, we could add lectures, or we could add videos from events happening at our college. This would make it a lot easier for people not attending to see what it’s like at our college.

Using photos…

We have thousands of photos from our college and from close to everything that’s been happening around here for the past years. Like Stanford, it’s great to share photos with people. It’s easy, yet powerful.

Using events…

We’ve are using events, but they’re we have to invite people to it. I believe, not sure if this is how it works, that if we have a Facebook Page, when we create an event all our fans will automatically see the new event. Anyway, with a page, we’ll (and everybody else) gets an overview of all our events in one place.

Using discussions…

Stanford is using their Facebook Page as a discussion forum as well. This is where all their students and staff can discuss anything. One person has added a discussion with the topic “Anybody living near stanford University interested in learning Chinese?” This is a great way to communicate using Facebook.

Why use Facebook Pages for this?

We could put all of the above features to our website instead of using Facebook, it would be easy and they would be on our webserver, we would be in control and own the data. But by doing so, we would not get the power of Facebook.

The power of Facebook is that close to everybody uses it, and it’s fairly easy to go viral on Facebook. When one of our students becomes a fan of our Facebook Page, all their friends will see that they’ve become a fan (because it says so on their profile). When one student joins one of our events, the same happens. When a student comments a photo, or add that she likes a video we’ve posted to the page, her friends will most likely notice.

Facebook Pages is easy to set up, easy to update, and it’s completely free.

Now, I’m thinking that if we combine social ads with a Facebook Page, it would create a really interesting marketing campaign.

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