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Using AWeber to send Blog Broadcasts

I decided earlier today that I am now going to use AWeber to send Blog Broadcasts to the people subscribed to my newsletter.

What this means is that they are receiving the newsletter about once a week, and now they will also be receiving a summary of a week of all the posts I have published. This way, they don’t have to visit my blog or subscribe to my RSS, unless they want to read the blog post as soon as I have published it.

I spent just a few minutes to set up the Blog Broadcast, and it will be sent automatically every friday at 6 AM. This way, my subscribers will have it before they wake up. Not sure if this is smart or not, but at the moment I think that it looks like the right choice. I like to have something to read when I wake up in the morning.

I wasn’t really sure how to use the RSS codes that AWeber provides, but just a few minutes after sending them a support request I received the answer. It was not hard at all.

Just look at this description of how to set up a Blog broadcast and this description regarding what kind of variables you can use in the messages.

I could have used 1 out of 50 templates, but I am sending a plain text message. I am not really familiar with sending html e-mail yet, it’s because I am not sure how many people who will be able to view it, and if they will be caught by spam filters or not. I will test the first blog broadcast using plain text, and I will have to review it after that.

I am also using click tracking to see how many of my subscribers that will click on the links to my messages. It sounds like a great thing to do, this way I can find out how many people who are interested in reading my posts (and maybe even which posts they like).

I guess it’s going to be an interesting friday.

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