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Unstoppable Peak Performance Review

I bought the e-book by Aurelius Tjin yesterday, Unstoppable Peak Performance is the title. It`s about “How to focus, earn more and work less while enjoying more of life”. No wonder I just had to buy it.

I told you yesterday that I was going to write a review as soon as I finished reading it, and I finished reading it about 5 minutes ago. I am not wasting my time here, I am doing the review while I still remember the contents.

Why did I buy it?

It was cheap, the price is only $7 and I can earn 100% by selling it, one sale and the e-book wouldn`t cost me anything. Actually I have already profited from it.

The title was interesting; focus, earn more, work less, enjoy life. The perfect combination of words.

The sales page was professional. If the e-book was of poor quality, why spend so much money or time on making a professional sales page? It could be just a marketing trick, but it looked like the real deal.

I want more focus. I am a guy that loves to read, and loves new ideas, and continues to do everything all at once. I can stay focused for a few days, maybe a week, and suddenly something else grabs my attention.

What did I expect?

I thought that I would receive an e-book with lots of dots on how to stay focused, what to do and when to do it. But instead, I got 59 pages of interesting thoughts from Aurelius Tjin about how to build momentum, how to overcome information and idea overload and creating and perpetuating vision and much more.

The e-book is especially for two kinds of people. I think it`s for people who are just beginning their Internet marketing business and Internet marketing career, and I think it`s for people like me, a person who have been around for a while, but never seems to stay focused on the important parts and never seems to make it really big.

The author tells the story about identifying your strong points, and how to conduct an analysis of the business of successful people and how to start chunking information.

I really believe in the power of chunking, something I have never tried before. If you are not familiar with the term, it`s about how you should`t bite off more information than you can chew at one time. For instance, work shorter intervals, maybe 20-30 minutes at a time and then take a 5 minute break. This way you will get a lot more done.

Did I enjoy it and did I learn something from it?

Yes, it didn`t take me many minutes to read the 59 pages and I enjoyed every page. I know this might sound like a sales letter, but it`s really not. The reason I enjoyed it was because I wanted to get more information about how I should be thinking to get more done and how I should be thinking in order to drive my business / writing to a new level.

I got some new ideas and I got a model to use when it comes to people who are successful. Now I can find out how they are doing it and what I should be looking for. That`s important to me.

Don`t buy this e-book if you are only looking for

Because this book is more about thoughts on how to overcome obstacles. Think about it; you probably own everything you need already, but why aren`t you successful?

That`s the question Aurelius Tjin is trying to answer with Unstoppable Peak Performance. To me it was worth the $7 investment.

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