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The Unemployed Millionaire Marketing Trick

I’ve recently discovered a much talked about book called The Unemployed Millionaire by Matt Morris. The book looks interesting enough. I might in fact buy it, but there’s something else that interests me more than the content of the book.

It’s the way Matt Morris is marketing the book, and I’m not thinking of the trick in any negative way. Actually, it’s all good.

Look at the image above, the huge letters next to Matt Morris. It says: “Help us feed 100,000 hungry children”.

If you buy his book The Unemployed Millionaire, you’ll help feed five hungry children.

This is an interesting technique to market a book (or any other product for that matter). By buying the book, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself and about the purchase. You’ll feel like you are giving money to charity (because you are), and you’ll feel a lot better about spending your money – and there’ll be more money donated to fight breast cancer.

This way, he’ll probably sell a lot more books. People buying it, will get a lot more than just a book. They get a story, and even better, they’ll be part of the story. They can imagine helping the hungry children.

It’s a lot like Think Phink, the campaign during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where you’ll save money on groceries while you at the same time donate money to fight breast cancer. It’s a win-win situation. People will use more money, because they feel better about spending their money.


It’s time you take a look at the sales page of The Unemployed Millionaire, and if it looks interesting, why not buy it and help feed some hungry children?

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