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Is this the ultimate SEO Tool?

I have been looking at this brand new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool since the day it launched. This is probably the first time I have read the whole sales page of a product.

The reason why I have been so interested in SEO Equalizer from the beginning is probably beacuse the man behind it is Jeff Alderson, and I know that he usually overdelivers when it comes to his products. He is the man behind software like: Press Equalizer, Traffic Equalizer and AdWord Analyzer.

His reputation is one thing, but I think that SEO Equalizer sounds cheap. And of course, the software got so many interesting features that I would like to test at my blog.

I haven’t bought it yet, I am still thinking about it… but I guess I should probably just do it. The only reason why I haven’t bought it yet, is that I have bought so many e-books lately, and I just haven’t had time to read them all and use some of the software I have just bought.

Sometimes it seems that I am only buying stuff all the time, and that I never have the time to actually use them.

I discovered a few days ago that Affiliate Silver Bullet (ASB) has a landing page for SEO Equalizer. ASB provides five follow up messages that will explain the SEO Equalizer system. A great way to promote the software, but I am not actually trying to promote it, I am more trying to convince myself into buying it (or not).

Well, I am still not sure, but here are a few features that I like to use at SEO Equalizer:

… and there are so many other interesting features, just take a look at the sales page and you will see why I am finding this SEO Equalizer so interesting.

I guess I just have to buy it now… I might have managed to convince myself this time 🙂

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