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Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide

I was first aware of this survival guide a few weeks ago, but I didn’t do anything about it (I think it was a few weeks ago). The reason I didn’t do anything about it, was that I was tired of using safelists and I didn’t quite believe that safelists would do anything for me.

My experience is probably outdated a long time ago, because the last time I used safelists to advertise anything was a few years ago. And at that time I tried many different methods, from using a famous safelist submitter to paying membership to a famous safelist with a lot of members and of course becoming a member at free safelist all across the Internet.

I didn’t experience any success at all and the reason for this is partial my own fault, because at the time I wasn’t a good copywriter (and I am still not) so even if a lot of people would have received my ad, they would probably not have opened it. The second reason why I failed is that I don’t think my ads was delivered to that many “active” members.

I think that most people did what I did (at least at the time). I had two e-mail accounts. One account that I used to receive e-mails from members of the safelist, this is where all the ads would come and one e-mail account that I used as the contact address. I never read any of the e-mails in my first account. I had a software that automatically deleted all the e-mails every single day, so none of the e-mails sent to my account would bounce. This way I could “cheat” and it was legal. I received all e-mails from the list, but I didn’t read them (and it seemed that nobody else read them either).

I got tired of Safelists, as I never got any good results. I just stopped using them. Maybe it’s time to start over again? I really don’t know because I haven’t grabbed a copy of the Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide yet, and I am not sure if I am going to either. But it’s cheap though, only $7 and if you order it, you will become an affiliate and get 100% commissions from selling it.

I am not an affiliate and I have no idea how good this product is.

3 responses to “Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    Interesting. Just a note feed readers don’t see it 😉

  2. Jens says:

    Thanks, I didn´t know that.

    But that might actually be a good thing, or?

  3. Tim Linden says:

    Another note. I’ve already begun to scan past it. Same with the ad bar at the top 😉

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