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Is This The Ultimate Exit Popup?

I have been testing various ways to grab my visitors attention, from the lightbox popover from AWeber, to various Exit Popovers. They do work, but the problem is that I find them annoying.

If I find them annoying, I think my visitors will also find them annoying. If they find them annoying, they won’t be coming back.

I have been thinking; what’s most important to me, that people sign up for my newsletter or that people read my blog? Usually I have answered both, because that’s what I am really looking for. But that’s really hard to accomplish. If people are very interested in what I am writing, they will be coming back or at least subscribe to my rss feeds, and some day many of them will subscribe to the newsletter. But when the focus is on the writing, many won’t subscribe to the newsletter the first time around.


I have found another piece of software that I wanted to talk to you about. It’s one called The Ultimate Exit Popup, and it seems to be a little different than the other stuff I have been testing.

You can take a look at the sales page over at

It’s a popup that cannot be blocked (at least that’s what the sales page says, and I didn’t manage to block it). The difference between this one and the other ones I have tried is that this only shows when your visitors click on something, or are actually leaving your website.

The other exit popovers have been triggered by the movement of the mouse. So if the users mouse moved outside the active window, the popover would appear. This could happen several times during one session. Sometimes people just move the mouse so they can read the text without having the cursor right above it. That’s why I found it really annoying, because it happened to me several times as well.

But looking at what Ultimate Exit Popup can do, I am still thinking that this is annoying. It might be way more powerful, but still annoying.

I am not sure of all the settings, you might be able to use cookies and you might be able to use the settings so the popup won’t appear more than one time for each visitor (I don’t really know). My problem with it is that it will appear without the user knowing it, and without the users consent. They didn’t ask for it to happen, and when they don’t ask for it, they might find it annoying.

If they find it annoying, I will still have the same problem as I described earlier. They just won’t be coming back.

I can see why Ultimate Exit Popup might be a very powerful software for sales pages. But I don’t think that it should be used on a blog or a website where you want people to be coming back.

But maybe on the sales page of Why We Suck At Internet Marketing?

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