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The Two Themes of The Ideal Job

There are really just two major themes when it comes to the ideal job.

1) Passion
2) Money

Let me begin with money. Most people I’ve talked to about the ideal job, have said that when it comes to the ideal job, they are looking for a job where they will earn a lot of money, or at least enough money to buy everything they want (not just everything they need).

Money is important, because most people think that freedom and flexibility comes with money. The more money they earn, the more freedom they’ll have. You can use money to get more things done (outsource), you can spend your time doing what you want to be doing rather than what you have to be doing (most of the time).

I would say that passion is more important.

If you do what you really love, it doesn’t matter how much money you earn (that’s my statement). If you do what you really love, you don’t need 5 weeks of vacation (I’m not considering your family). Flexibility and co-workers are not as important when you do what you really love. An idiot boss might not be that bad, if you’re passionate about your job.

Let me give you an example.

I love animals, I could probably do anything when it comes to saving the lives of animals or helping them to get a better life. I could do it without getting paid, I could work 24 hours a day (well. almost). I’d do anything. It would be great to earn money, it would be great to have cool co-workers, and an awesome boss, but it wouldn’t matter that much, because I’d still be passionate about my job.

The problem …

The problem, when I’ve talked to people, is that it seems that most of them say that if they earn enough money, the actual job is not that important. It’s more important to earn more money than they can spend. If they do, they’d be happy with their job.

If they earn enough money, it doesn’t matter; where they work, how they work, when they work, or how many hours they work. Passion doesn’t seem that important.

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