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Two New Clickbank Tools

I am not sure if tool is the right word here. I have discovered two new Clickbank tools. What they do is help you promote products offered to the public by Clickbank. It doesn´t seem that you can earn commissions from either one (but I am not really sure about that). I have briefly looked at them and both seems very interesting, but considering that you would have to pay a monthly fee to join them both, I would think that joining one of them would be more than enough.

They are quite different tools, the first one called CB Engine is more like a portal with all sorts of tools to help you analyze and find the right Clickbank products to promote. The second one is called Cb-Top and it looks like a Clickbank shopping mall and my guess is that you pay a fee to get your own Clickbank shopping mall. You then put your Clickbank username in there somewhere and start to promote your mall. When somebody buys from your Cb-Top mall, then you will earn commissions from Clickbank.

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