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Two Funny Heineken Commercials

The people behind Heineken beer have created some really cool marketing campaigns (or at least they’ve hired some people to do just that).

I have added two of the best Heineken commercials I’ve seen, and the reason I’ve added both, is that they’re related.

The first one shows us how time stops when Heineken beer is not being produced. The second one shows us what happens when someone drops bottles of Heineken on the floor.

#1 The world stops…

#2 All of a sudden, I feel really really sad…

Do you know other funny commercials? If you do, add a link to your comment or contact me and I might publish it next weekend.

One response to “Two Funny Heineken Commercials”

  1. Amy says:

    These were cute! I had not seen these commercials before. thanks for sharing them.

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