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How I am using Twitter

I have already told you that Twitter is my favorite social media network. I keep using it every single day. It’s not like anything I’m doing with Facebook, LinkedIn or G+. I am active on Twitter, many times each day of the week. I keep joining converstaions, and I keep thanking people for helping me out, and most of my traffic comes from Twitter and not from search, or any other social media sites.

By the way, this is how it looks where I’m currently at.


I haven’t been analyzing and optimizing Twitter to grow my followers or to find the “perfect” people for my business. I probably should, but to me, Twitter is something I use on a more random and personal level.

Don’t get me wrong. I still do some semi-automated things on Twitter, and the best method is using Triberr to connect with like-minded people and find the best content on the web to re-tweet. I would probably have written that Triberr was my most important wordpress plugin, if I couldn’t log-in to Triberr and do everything the plugin helps me do. I can’t imagine how blogging or Twitter would be like without this community.

My method of using Twitter is simple:

Let me explain.

I do my best to be present in the moment, when I’m on Twitter. I am always representing myself, and I am mostly talking directly to one single person. I started using Twitter by talking to everyone. I believe that it’s so much more powerful when focusing on one person. The conversations is open, so everyone can see it, and if you’d like, you can join. It’s not that hard to find every single tweet of the conversation.

When I follow or follow-back people on Twitter, I always take a closer look at who they are and what they’ve been doing on Twitter. I used to follow back every person who followed me. Now, I am only following like-minded people, people I’d enjoy having a conversation with.

I keep starting conversations. I ask one question, and I’m hoping that someone will join me and help me answer what I’m asking. Once in a while, I join conversations I find interesting; either via people I follow or via keywords I’m tracking.

I am only tracking two keywords on Twitter. I started out tracking a lot more, but I discovered that it was close to impossible to keep up with everything that was happening, if I didn’t just focus on the most important keywords for my business.

My twitter handle is @berget – if you’ve been reading my blog posts, I hope you’ll follow me on Twitter. Let’s make 2014 a fantastic year, together.

29 responses to “How I am using Twitter”

  1. Sunday says:

    Hi Jens- Petter,Well, its good to imagine what Twitter can do to our marketing effort.

    Its all about applying this platform the right way.Your approach to Twitter is one that should be adopted by many.

    However, its always good to find a balance between the use of Twitter and other related platforms.

    Perhaps I should still checkout what Triberr has to offer after reading about it in your recommendation. 😀

    This comment was shared in where this post shared and bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday –

    • Hey Sunday,

      I agree with you. We should use other types of social media platforms as well, but to me, Twitter is the most effective and it’s the one I use “all the time”. And it works great. I’m seeing really good results.

      I highly recommend Triberr. Let me know if you have any questions.

      Thank you for sharing my post and for the comment.

      – Jens

  2. Mark Ford says:

    Twitter is a great platform for marketing – its helped my business grow massively.

    If you’re looking for a tool to help you along the way I highly recommend ManageFlitter.

    Amongst other things its a great way to find people to follow based on the hashtags they use.

  3. Ed King says:

    Hi Jens !

    It looks cold but actually besides the hills or mountains it could pass for New England right about now.

    It took me awhile to enjoy twitter and I follow a mix from artists to educators, marketing bloggers and all around great people like yourself. I always had the mindset that everyone loves to look at a nice picture so I try and invite everyone to take a look whether they would be a client or not. I’ve had some great responses from marketing folks who have shared my work and it increased their own engagement due to the share which is really interesting.

    Search is my #1 source of visitors to my site with twitter right behind, I’ve just enjoyed the mix of people and what I have learned that it keeps me checking in a few times a day. I’d have to say twitter for me is like a launch pad because I log in and I’m off checking sites and information that is shared. I do engage in twitter, maybe not as much as most but I end up engaging on their site which usually well received.

    Enjoy the rest of the week !!


    • Hi Ed,

      The snow has started melting here, and I guess that when I wake up tomorrow, it might be all gone. But, it might start snowing in a few days, so it doesn’t matter – I guess.

      Search used to be #1 for me as well, but now, Twitter is at the top. I’ve just received a weird email from Google, about my site being penalized for something regarding external links. So, that might be the reason why search is not my top traffic source at the moment. I’ll be looking into my problem tomorrow, and I’ll probably write a blog post about it too. So, look out 🙂

  4. Hi Jens, I use Twitter almost exactly the same way. I follow only those who tweet on subjects I’m interested in, which aren’t always the same people who are following me. I get followed a lot by local businesses from around the world. They want to know about tech but I don’t necessarily need to know that they’re running a special from their store in another country.

    Unless we follow people with tweets that are interesting to us we won’t get the full value from Twitter. I agree, quality over quantity.

    The one way we differ is that you actively look for people to follow by searching for keywords. You are so good with using keywords, Jens! I will have to try that method to expand my Twitter world.

    • It’s great that you’re using the same method as me Carolyn. This way I know that I’m doing something right, because you’re doing it.

      I don’t spend as much time on Twitter as I should, but on the other hand, there are so many social networks and so many things I should do. It’s hard to keep up with everything.

  5. Ari Herzog says:

    You are following over 14,000 on Twitter. How in heck do you keep track of everyone? I grasp the metaphors of watching the river flow by and you are only going to notice what’s in front of you at that moment in time — but aren’t you ever guilty you’ll miss conversations from the people you care about more than the 13,999 like-minded people?

    I get overwhelmed following 1,000. I can’t imagine following 14,000.

    • Hi Ari,

      I’m sorry about my late reply. That’s a great question. I don’t keep track of everyone. I started using Twitter and I was watching the timeline, and by just following 100 people, I discovered that I wasn’t keeping up with everything that was happening on Twitter. So, I started using Twitter in a different way. I started using lists and keywords, and I connected with the people either contacting me, or with the people I had on my lists or was using the keywords I am interested in.

      It’s not the perfect way to use Twitter, but it works for me. I don’t have much time, and this is how I get to be as productive as possible on Twitter on a daily basis.

      What about you, are you following conversations by keywords and using lists?

      • Ari Herzog says:

        You reply a day after I comment and apologize? Wow. Thanks but unnecessary sir.

        I keep some people on lists — but it’s not specific to people I follow. In fact, I have more on lists who I don’t follow than who I do; and I don’t look at every list every day either.

  6. Phillip Dews says:

    Hey Jen’s

    Ben a while hey buddy! I just noticed that you was following me on twitter so I thought I would stop by and pay you a quick visit!

    Funny actually I got the new look twitter today and thought about making a background graphic for my profile! Not really happy with it though so may change it up tomorrow morning!

    I do a lot of promoting others blog posts on my twitter feed as you may well of noticed with the hashtag #BlogPost and their @Handle. A bit automated I know but I use twitterfeed for that and a lot of people and I only tweet bloggers that I know and like! It’s a tool to use anyway!

    I am also hoping to get the handle @brum in case you was wondering on the TEMP bit as I have took action to get it but it’s been 3 months now and still nothing! can take up to six months though!

    Good to be back here anyway dude! Have a great day!
    – PD

    • Hey Phillip,

      I’ve also been thinking about making a new background graphic for my Twitter profile. I’m not sure who I am going to hire, but I’m looking for someone to create an awesome background.

      Let me know when your background is finished.

  7. Phillip Dews says:

    Done matey!
    Wanted mine quite simple and elegant!

    It’s something I am happy with now, but I am always experimenting and trying to improve things!

    Let me know what you thing dude!
    Would love to make yours if you like!

    – PD

    • I’ve just looked at yours and it looks really good.

      How much if you’re going to make mine?

      I haven’t started thinking about what mine should look like yet. The one I have now, is a picture of me, and the URL’s to my various sites. But, since some of the sites are no longer with us, I need something else.


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