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Why Twitter is my favorite social media

A few weeks ago, I was smiling all day, all because I received a short compliment on Twitter. That got me thinking. I am using Twitter way more than I am using Facebook, Google+ or any of the other social networks. Why? Is it that much better?

I am still kind of struggling with Facebook. It’s not that I don’t understand how to use it, because I do. I use it for many of my clients, and I use it for my Facebook Page and personally. I am active on Facebook, but there’s just too much clutter, and it’s harder to get away from everything and just focus on what I want to be focusing on. And, sometimes it’s not the people, but the “right” conversations.

I am using Google+ and LinkedIn as well, but I am not that active. I answer questions, and I publish a few lines of content every week, but that’s about it.

Twitter is different

Twitter is lightning fast, and it’s very easy to use it on my mobile phone. It’s easy to focus on people and it’s even easier to focus on conversations and keywords. Sometimes I just feel like adding a new targeted search, either just using a keyword or even adding location. This way, I can see if there’s an interesting conversation close by.

One of the reasons why I started to use Twitter way more than the other social networks is Triberr. I started out as a free member, just to test what the community was all about. But, after a few months, I just had to upgrade to Triberr Prime. I was looking for a way to connect with people on a more professional level, and that’s how I have been using Twitter combined with Triberr. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy being personal. But, I am making a living doing marketing, so I need to involve the business mindset in what I’m doing online.

I am a clicker on Twitter

So far, I get more people from Twitter to visit my content, than I get on all the other social networks combined. Again, Triberr is part of the reason, but I believe that it’s so much easier to find the “right” content on Twitter and it’s more clickable, if you know what I mean. I don’t visit many external sites via Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. When I’m using other social networks, I’m there, having a conversation and doing my best to add value. When I’m on Twitter, I am part of the conversation, but I’m more likely to click on a link as well. I believe that the reason why, is that the message is short and usually straight to the point.

To me, Twitter is like a party with an open invitation. We all know that everybody can see what we’re doing, and we want them to see it. We want as many people as possible to join in. It might be just me, but on the other social networks, I feel that I’m talking to my friends, and that’s it. A few days ago, I asked a question on Facebook, and I received feedback from two people I didn’t know (and they were not on my list of friends) and I got really surprised. It took me a while to reply, because I wasn’t sure how to react. It wasn’t a problem, I just didn’t expect it.

Sharing my best content

I don’t share my content that often on the other social networks. Again, it might be just me, but I feel that I’m too visible on Facebook if I share what I’m doing more than two times a day. Usually, I’m just sharing once a day. I do comment and engage with other people’s content, but I don’t share my own content that often. I feel that Facebook is more personal, and I am not in control. For instance, I have shared the link to my latest book on Twitter many times, over and over again, during the past months. I have only shared it once on Facebook.

I expect people to share a lot on Twitter, and I expect them to join my conversations, even though I don’t know them and they’re not following me. When I log in to Facebook, I usually see the same people over and over again. It’s not that it’s boring, but I have more than 1500 friends, and it seems that I only see 20 of them as active. The same goes for LinkedIn and Google+. It seems that Twitter is a huge party, while Facebook (and the other social networks I am using) are more for the VIP’s, if you know what I mean. That’s why I am using them differently.

Finding content I care about

I use Twitter to find interesting content. I am constantly searching for hashtags and keywords that are related to my business and my personal interests. For instance, I do an automated search for vegetarian and vegetarianism, to keep me updated on what’s happening around the world. I have launched a vegetarian festival, so it’s important to me, to stay updated and to find like-minded people. People that care about animals and why we eat what we eat.

Following powerful people

When you have an open invitation to a party, and you can go to any party in the world, wouldn’t it be awesome to join the celebrities and the really powerful people in the world? That’s what I’m doing on Twitter. You can follow Presidents, famous actors, and marketing gurus, and read what they’re doing and join their world. I am not saying that they’ll reply to your tweets, but it’s a great way to follow in their footsteps and learn from what they’re doing. I have created Twitter lists with various powerful people, this way I just visit my lists to see what they are doing.

Twitter is my favorite social media

What about you? Which one is your favorite social media?

Let’s have a discussion in the comments.

21 responses to “Why Twitter is my favorite social media”

  1. Ken Burgin says:

    I agree – based in the fact that I’m always checking it ahead of the other services. Nothing like Twitter for being on top of the latest news and insights from thinkers, journalists and friends. And having them all mixed up in one feed doesn’t matter – it’s exactly how I want it to be…

    • Hi Ken,

      That’s exactly how I feel about Twitter. Are you using any specific tools to manage Twitter?

      – Jens

      • Ken Burgin says:

        I tweet out good content I find on blogs, using Mr Reader on iPad – I push it into Buffer to ensure a steady flow of tweets. Also use Hootsuite to send tweets with interesting content I find on my computer, and to mass schedule tweets of articles from my website.

  2. Pablo says:

    I second this post. I think twitter has become a key platform to share content and get to know professionals in the field. Without being aware about it, I have realized that I too have used Facebook less and less than I use Twitter. I particularly like how you can follow hashtags and manage multiple timelines specially when you know what niche to target. Thanks for posting.

    • Hi Pablo,

      Thank you for your feedback. Twitter is amazing. It’s so much easier to use than the other platforms. And, we don’t need that many characters to explain what we’re doing or what we’re thinking of. I feel that I’m in much more control on Twitter.

      – Jens

  3. Lisa says:

    Jens, I So LOVE Twitter, it’s my favorite by far, I’d pick Pinterest and Google over Facebook too. But Twitter is where I’ve met wonderful people and made friends. For my retail site gained customers and friends too.
    A few moments ago I lost internet connect, called the cable company (Cox) and message said to go online, I was on hold and I tweeted it from my cellphone and they responded quicker via Twitter than phone, Loved that!
    Twitter is just pure awesome Jens! I hope they keep it that way too. I also use lists a lot now, a great way to keep on top of things there.

    • That’s awesome Lisa. I don’t think that many businesses in Norway would answer faster on Twitter than on the phone. Great story! Twitter is fast, and that’s one of the things I really love about it. And, it’s so easy to use. Anyone can use it, without hardly any explanations. It’s almost impossible to do anything wrong. It’s straight forward, and you can join any conversation you want, and it’s easy to connect.

      I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend Lisa.

      – Jens

  4. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    Hey Jens,

    Twitter is certainly one of my favorites, along with Google Plus.

    For the me, the main problem (with other social networking sites) is forgetting to schedule an update for the week (plus, I find it hard to come up with things to talk about, especially since I don’t have an active blog). Hopefully, once I launch my blog, I will have lots more to think and write about 😀

    I do get your point about seeing the same people again and again. I think it’s because of the “filtering” system. Frankly, I don’t care much about it. The only reason I login to Facebook is to inform myself of news, particularly in the comic world – I am a comics fan 😀 (and for blogging).

    I don’t check the Twitter timeline, not like I used to. These days, I rely completely on my reading list (Rss reader, in my case, feedly) for all my blog related reading.

    I do feel bad though, for missing out all of the information. Anyways, I am trying to cleanup my old Twitter list, I could certainly use it to narrow down the timeline to important folks.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your reasons, Jens 😉 Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Jeevan,

      I’m really looking forward to your blog. I hope you’ll let me know as soon as it launches.

      I haven’t been very active on Google+ lately. I more or less just publish my status updates and see what happens. If I get notified of someone talking about me, I’ll take a closer look and reply. But, with Twitter, I’m doing research and I am joining conversations. I have been focusing on one social network, and that’s been Twitter.

      I love comics too, what are you currently reading?

      – Jens

      • Jeevan Jacob John says:

        Of course 😀

        Same here. I just schedule everything (for G+) via Do share (and share some stuff while commenting). I am not particularly active with others, but I would love to do that (time is issue…). As it is, I am already sacrificing a lot of my hobbies/daily tasks to get my blog ready and finish other stuff, before I get back to college in Jan.

        Just superheroes, for now. I started reading this year, and it’s certainly interesting (before I started reading, I thought comics was just about I am discovering that there are other comic genres out there…:D).

        • I haven’t read that many, but it’s usually Spiderman, and Donald Duck with the kids.

          By the way, what will be the topic of your blog?

          – Jens

          • Jeevan Jacob John says:

            I don’t read any Marvel stuff…all DC (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and so forth).

            Some of the stories are amazing, and they make you think a lot about our own world.

            Content marketing, productivity and personal development 😀

            These are big niches, but I like to be flexible (don’t want to go too narrow).

            I will be focusing on experiments (conducting experiments relating to these topics…and talking about them).

  5. Shiv Saroya says:

    Something I want to know is, how to get more followers on twitter?!

  6. Kenna Griffin says:

    Twitter is my favorite social medium as well. I like the immediacy it provides because it gives us the opportunity to have engagement that’s more like a discussion. I also love that it allows for providing and consuming a lot of different information via links. I’m not sure when Twitter became my favorite, but it’s interesting because I hardly used it when I first got the account. I just didn’t see the point. Now I can’t imagine going a day without it.

    • Hi Kenna,

      That’s the same for me. I didn’t use it for several years. I got my account in late 2007, and I just couldn’t see the point of using it. Now, like you said, I can’t imagine a day without it.

      – Jens

  7. Mark Ford says:

    Hi Jens

    I’m with you here – I post all the time on Twitter and hardly at all on Facebook or LinkedIn.

    I used to post the same things at the same times across all social media networks and most of my traffic and engagement came from Twitter so I’ve now just concentrated my efforts on that instead.

    • Hi Mark,

      That’s exactly what I’ve experienced as well. I do some posts on “all” the various networks, but mostly on Twitter. I have been experimenting more on Facebook lately, but I mostly write in Norwegian with my “local” friends there, and not so much things about marketing and business.

      – Jens

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