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Twitter and What Should You Tweet About?

Yesterday, I bought two very cheap and interesting e-books. One of the e-books was about Twitter, sort of a starters guide. And I really need a starters guide. I have been registered at Twitter for a long time, but I haven’t really used it and that’s because I am not sure how to use it and why bother using it.

Some famous and successful people are using Twitter; like Darren Rowse and Robert Scoble. The reason I bought the e-book is because I have heard a lot of cool things about Twitter, and that Twitter can be a really effective marketing tool, and in fact maybe even more interesting than your blog.

But, my story remains; how should I be using Twitter?

I am not the kind of guy to just Tweet (I think it’s called tweet) about anything, for instance, “I am not brushing my teeth”, even though I can see that a lot of people might find that interesting.

So, what should I really be tweeting about?

I guess that it all depends on what you want to accomplish. If you are just following your friends on Twitter and they are following you, then it might be ok to tweet about you brushing your teeth. If you are using Twitter in order to be romantic, or maybe propose to your girlfriend, you might want to really be thinking about what you are tweeting about.

I am using Twitter as a marketing tool, as a way to communicate with people that are interested in Internet marketing. And a way for me to give some thoughts, tips and opinions when it comes to Internet marketing. I guess there are many reasons why I should be using Twitter, but so far, the Internet marketing reason is what I find the most interesting.

So, here it comes, examples of what I think you (and me) should tweet about (if you are using it as a marketing tool):

Twitter is all about microblogging; telling people what you are doing with just 140 characters. It’s very easy, but at the same time it can be very time consuming. To do it right, you might have to think about what you are going to be writing about more than actually writing the tweets.

At the moment, I am not adding tweets more than 2–3 times a day. I will be doing more research about how to use Twitter, and how to make it work as a marketing tool.

Even though I find Twitter to be very interesting, I guess that in the end, if I am not careful, I could end up a Twitter addict and stop using Twitter entirely.

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