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Twitter – Analyze and Optimize for Social Growth

I have written about the importance of understanding who you are talking to, and I believe that understanding who you are talking to is especially important in social media. To me, it seems that a lot of people don’t have control of who are reading their messages and how to reach out to the most influential people.

It’s fairly easy to find out a few important things about your followers on Twitter. And, you should know that there are many tools you can use to analyze and optimize Twitter for social growth.

Let me show you a few things you can do, and it will take you just a few minutes.

I’m using Followerwonk, but like I said, you can use many similar tools to get the same data.

Map of where your followers live

I really enjoy looking at the map to see where in the world my followers are. Just by looking at the map, I get some interesting ideas of what I should be writing about.

map of twitter followers

I can click on each country to see more details about the followers. I can find out the cities they live, if that’s interesting to me. I can discover all sorts of geographical data.

The most influential followers

I have been reading all the books by Seth Godin, and one of the type of people I have been looking for is what he has called Sneezers. That’s the people who are the most influential and the people who can reach more people than all the other people, with just a single tweet. Look at it like this, if you can reach out and create a relationship with the most influential followers, you’re many steps closer to success.

twitter influencers

According to Robin Dunbar, we can only have ever have 150 friends at most. With Followerwonk, I can easily track my 150 most important followers when it comes to their influence on Twitter.

Total tweets

I understand that in order to find out who’s a “perfect” match with me on Twitter, and who’s just using Twitter as a research tool, or are not “real” users, because they are either not publishing any tweets or they are publishing too many tweets (spammers), I need to take a closer look at their total tweets.

number of tweets from followers

This way I can unfollow the people who are never publishing any tweets, and I can unfollow the spammers, and keep the people who are active.

The most active hours

I schedule many of my tweets, because I just can’t seem to tweet when I should in order to get the most attention. I have discovered when I should be tweeting by analyzing the twitter activity by hour of the day for my followers.

most active hours on Twitter

This is how I understand that 5 pm is when I should be the most active.

Your turn. Are you analyzing and optimizing Twitter for social growth?

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