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Turning Your Quiz Into Viral Marketing

We have just launched a quiz at the website of our college. There are three easy questions, and each month for six months, we give away one iPhone to a really lucky person. A few months ago, I thought about how to turn the quiz into a viral marketing campaign, and I wanted to try it so badly, but it all stopped the day before we launched the quiz.

The reason I didn’t go through with it, was that I wasn’t confident enough about how to do it.

I know about several scripts that I could have used, like viral friend generator, instant affiliate generator and viral inviter, but I didn’t use any of them. As I just said, I wasn’t really sure if this would have just destroyed the quiz or if it would have been a huge success. I thought it could have gone either way, and I wasn’t ready for failure.

But I am still thinking, why didn’t we go for it?

The reason I wanted to try viral marketing, is that it can be really powerful, and it’s usally completely free. Well, except for the times you need to buy a script. The scripts are usually fairly cheap though, so that’s not really a problem. When you use the Internet, it’s completely free to share information, like sending the link to the quiz to your friends. The more times the link is shared, the more people will enter the quiz, and the more people will visit our website.

What we wanted was a really good reason for people to tell their friends about our quiz. Now, people won’t tell anybody, because the more people they tell, the less likely it is that they will win an iPhone themselves.

But, if we had an affiliate competition going, where the person who have sent the link to our quiz to most people and got most people to answer the quiz also won an iPhone, I think we would get more people overall to answer the quiz.

We need an incentive for people to share the information about the quiz, and not an incentive for people not to share.

But I am still thinking, why didn’t we go for it?

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