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Turn old into new and amazing

recycle your blog posts

I always start out by writing blog posts. I use Evernote to remember all my ideas and thoughts, and I use various writing tools. Some of my blog posts are short, really short. Others are more than 2000 words, but that doesn’t happen that often. The interesting thing about blog posts, even the really short ones, is that I can use them over and over again. Recycling is the method we use to turn old into new and amazing.

By the way, what are you doing with your old content? Leave a comment below, I’m very interested.

Why recycle your content

It’s the smart way to work. It’s a lot easier to turn things you’ve already written into something new and improved. It’s usually much faster. Improve what you’ve already written.

Audio and Video

I haven’t done this myself, at least not yet, but I have thought about it for a long time. Usually, people recycle blog posts into almost the same thing as the original. We rewrite the blog posts and publish them on our blogs, or we turn the blog posts into articles or something similar. What you could do is to turn them into something completely different.

You can turn your old blog posts into:

• Audio (by using Audicity)
• Video (by using Article Video Robot)


The easiest way to turn old into new is by writing articles. Your old blog post is probably about 500 words, add 500 more words and you have an article. Publish your article at the top article directories.

Newsletter content

Most people haven’t read your old content, to them it’s new. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything at all, you don’t have to rewrite, you can just copy and paste your old content. If you add it to your newsletter, only your subscribers will read it, and if it’s of high quality, it doesn’t matter if it’s old.


If you automate your e-mail marketing, and use the best email autoresponder (AWeber), you can use things you’ve already written and published. What’s important is that it fits what you’ve promised your readers. Add 6 – 7 messages of something you’ve written in the past.


A lot of people are using Slideshare, it’s like YouTube for presentations. A lot more people will see what you’ve written if you turn it into a presentation.

Social media

I use Twitter all the time, but Facebook just once in a while. A few times a week I publish links to things from the past, things in the archives. My followers on Twitter haven’t read it, to them it’s new. And that’s why I use it in my 10 minutes a day Twitter traffic technique.


I have written two e-books, and what I’ve done is that I have used some of my old content and started rewriting and adding new content, and then a few weeks later, I had more than 50 pages on the topic. I give away my e-books to the subscribers of my newsletter (you can subscribe just below this post).

Guest posts

What’s important is that you create something new and unique from your old content. As long as it looks like something new, you can use it as guest posts on other blogs related to your niche. Writing guest posts is part of my 1 hour a day blog traffic technique.

Alternative directories

I wasn’t sure what headline I should use for this, but I’m talking about directories where you can add your own page for your content (similar to article directories, but also a lot different).

There are at least two ways to republish your content:

But there are a few other alternatives to Squidoo and Hubpages.

What you need to remember

When I use my old content, I almost never just copy and paste what I’ve already got. I do my best to try to make it into something different and unique. I use a few tools to check if what I do passes the tests and is unique (and is not considered as plagiarism).

Here are some tools you can use:

What are you doing?

Are you doing anything with your old content? Are you recycling, and turning old into new and amazing?

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11 responses to “Turn old into new and amazing”

  1. TristanH says:

    Awesome stuff, Jens!

    I need to get better at repurposing my content. I’ve written a grand total of 1 article and made a dozen or so videos.

    Have you done much with Squidoo or HubPages? Have you gotten any traffic from those?

    I’m a huge fan of ebooks, but I’ve never written one using my older content. I should, though…

    All in all, though, I suck at turning my content into something new and amazing! I’ll definitely try to work harder at it…

    • I haven’t done much with Squidoo and HubPages, but I will (not sure when, but a lot will happen during 2011). I have created a few lenses and a few hubs. That’s all. I believe it’s fairly easy to drive traffic from Squidoo and HubPages, but it all depends on the niche and the quality of your content. It’s easy to get a high spot at google.

      The reason I wrote this post is because I needed to remind myself that I also suck at turning my old content into something new and amazing 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment Tristan.

  2. Hmmm, really interesting topic here Jens. Honestly, I’ve never even thought about recycling my content, but it makes a lot of dang sense. You’ve definitely got me thinking, as I can see the value.

    Thanks for the read!

    • Looking forward to see what you come up with.

      TV is what got me thinking. There are so many reruns of old TV-shows like Seinfeld and Friends. They don’t add any new value, but the viewers want it. So, I thought why shouldn’t we be doing the same thing (but in a different way)?

      Thanks a lot for your comment Marcus.

  3. Yes recycling the content is the good way to improve your work skills anyways thanks for this great information, it is really very useful…

  4. Peter J says:

    Recycling content is super effective, but if your like me, then it can be quite hard. I find that my writing changes so much in the space of about 6 months so i don’t know if what i wrote those months back will still sound worthwhile in publishing.

    I don’t know why people would stop at just adding on to writing. As you said, podcasts and videos are an awesome way to recycle that content.

    Thanks for the post, i enjoyed it 😀

    • I agree. The way we write changes over time, but you don’t have to copy what you’ve written. Start with an overview of what you wrote, add more value to the article, and that’s it. You can also make comments to what you wrote 6 months ago. Things change, especially when it comes to marketing and blogging. What you wrote 6 months might not be the case anymore, so start with the article you wrote, add the latest comments to it, and bam you’ve got yourself a new and amazing one 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment Peter.

  5. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

  6. Recycling content is important, as long as it does get picked up as duplicate content. People use the Internet in many different ways. Some will sit down the “old fashioned” way and read through blogs, other will simply have a quick look on their mobiles on the way to work. Making sure that your contents is both usable and inviting for them is very important.

  7. Joseph Hipolito says:

    That’s Right skip, that competition was really nice because they can help to the nature by recycling some plastic or cans..

  8. Samantha says:

    Regarding copy and pasting. Here is one more powerful and smart plagiarism checker – Please check, i think it is worth to be on the list. Thanks.

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