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Try This Before You Trash It

Some days are different. Some days are not.

Yesterday was a little of both.

Too many things to do, at the same time, it was nothing more left to do. My mind was drifting away at the various tasks. As a man, I felt a sudden urge to relax.


I was going to take a bath, fill the bath tub, cover it all the way with really hot water, close to 40 degrees Celsius. I was going to relax, read a book, and just let my thoughts travel, somewhere.

Usually, that’s as good as life gets.

But, as soon as I entered the water, and was about to get started with the relaxing, it hit me that I had forgot a cold coca-cola. I was thirsty, really thirsty, even more thirsty now that I realized that I had forgot the coke.

As I looked up, at the ceiling, then at the wall, my eyes wandering, deciding whether or not I should walk downstairs and get myself a coke, remember, at this time I was almost relaxed, I realized that I had also forgotten the book.

It was just me and hot hot water.

I wanted to.


I didn’t move.

I was looking at the shampoo in the corner. The big grey bottle with fancy yellow letters. It was the biggest bottle of shampoo I had ever seen, and there it was, in the corner. I remember, I had to buy it, it was so big and beautiful, and the yellow letters, they’re still just as amazing.

The only problem is that this shampoo really sucks. I can’t use it in my hair, or on my scalp. If I do, you should see me a few minutes later. I get dandruff all over, and it itches, I’ll be scratching my head until the next time I’ll be adding shampoo, then, hopefully another brand. But it’s there, in the corner, it’s like its staring at me, tempting me, wanting me to cuddle. It’s still as beautiful as the first day I noticed it.

It’s times like these that I understand that I’m a lot like my dad. I keep and store everyhing until I get forced to throw something away. Whenever I get forced to, I end up prioritizing, what to keep, what to trash.

Looking at the shampoo, I was thinking, maybe I can use it for something different, maybe I can use it to make bubbles?

If I can, then it wouldn’t be a complete waste, a matter of fact, it would be a rather good product.

After pouring the shampoo in the water, and stirring it for a few seconds, I saw the bubbles come to life. A few minutes later, I couldn’t see myself or the bath tub, everything was covered with bubbles and foam, even the floor. Everything was big white and beautiful.

I had bubbles on my face, in my hair, and all over my body.

The shampoo sucks as shampoo, but it was the most amazing bubble bath I have ever witnessed.

Some products are different. Some products are not. Some products should be used as described. Some products should be used as you wish.

Remember, this is how word of mouth marketing starts…

10 responses to “Try This Before You Trash It”

  1. Gilbert Van Norman says:

    I like that. Not only that word of mouth marketing is one of the best methods out there. The best part is that its free. All you have to do is offer a great product or service and keep yourself honest.

    Word of mouth. You have to watch it also. Because you could get negative word of mouth advertising even easier than you can get good word of mouth advertising. This is why customer service is so important. Give you client or customer what they want and give it to them on time every time. Because with out them your not going to succeed.

  2. @Gilbert, nailed the best part of WOM, it’s cost is zero, but that doesn’t mean it comes for free… it takes a ton of work and resources to get the WOM working for you.

  3. I have never tried WOM, but I have always wanted to do a campaign for our college to recruit more students. It's great that it's free, but I don't think we have the resources to do it… actually, I don't know how much resources we need 🙂

  4. Hey Pablo,

    Thanks a lot for your comment. It would be awesome to be able to do a WOM campaign. I'm not really sure how to set it up and how much resources we need in order to do it successfully.

  5. Joseph Hipolito says:

    I agree for what you said in here Sir jens, and this is really helpful to the people who dont know what is this all about…

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