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Do you tell the truth in your blog posts?

I have two main goals as a blogger. I build relationships as part of my business, and I am teaching marketing. That’s it. I am writing my blog posts to make people think, and I’m trying to be creative and unique, to stand out from the crowd and to make people remember my messages.

Haakon back

I am not always telling the truth

This means that I’m not always telling the truth. I’m writing stories, and I’m focusing on the message and that there’ll be some element of learning. The stories are different. I wrote the post; I promised her something she would never forget, and it didn’t happen like that. I was with my two kids, but I felt like writing a different story. The message was this; show, don’t tell.

I wrote a different post about love and lust. I called it; she turns me on. It didn’t happen. I made it up. On the other hand, the message was clear and I received a lot of feedback that it was entertaining.

What’s happening?

I really enjoy writing fiction. When I write, I always want to you, and I want you to remember what you’ve just read. I want you to feel that you’re part of the story. The best feedback I get, is when someone tells me that they’ve been thinking about one of my posts for days or weeks, and that they finally got the message.

I want my posts to be of value. I want you to read them, think about them, but it’s more important that you can use what you’ve read – turn the messages into something that’ll work for you.

I’ve been thinking about adding a sentence at the bottom of my posts, a sentence saying that it’s based on a true story.

The reason I’m explaining what I’m doing, is that I’ve received a lot of feedback during the past few months. People have asked me; what’s happening in your life? I can assure you and them, that nothing new is going on. I just enjoy writing …

Your turn

Is it ok for me to not always tell the truth in my posts, as long as it’s entertaining, it makes you think and you’ll end up learning something? And, what about you, do you always tell the truth in your posts?

13 responses to “Do you tell the truth in your blog posts?”

  1. Derek Slater says:

    I had a creative writing teacher in college, Max Steele, who said “I’m going to tell you one lie every class. It’s up to you to figure out what’s the lie and what’s true.”

    I don’t think he told a lie every class. (Maybe that was the only one.) But he wanted us to think for ourselves.

  2. Tim Bonner says:

    That’s interesting Jens.

    I used my common sense and realised that you were telling a story in both of those blog posts.

    Interesting that other people didn’t?!

    I do tend to tell the truth in my posts but then I don’t write many stories.

    If I did, then I would write what I believed would entertain and teach whether that stretched the truth or not.

    I don’t think it’s really lying though and yes, I think it’s fine :-).

    • It’s great that you understood that I was telling stories Tim, and that I haven’t started to … I hope most people got it. I just want to make sure.

      Many times when I write, I don’t think that I actually have readers πŸ™‚

  3. Bill Dorman says:

    If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’….:).

    Like you, I write to entertain. Plus, my wife read’s my posts and she’ll call me out in a minute if I try to tell a whopper.

    Hope your journey has still been a progressive one.

    I had a deep dish pan pizza from Pizza Hut last night; pretty tasty.

  4. Bren says:


    First of all, it’s your blog so do what you are comfortable with. Sometimes honesty can offend some readers and I don’t know if you want that. I say, do what you want.

    Sometimes I feel I’m a bit too honest and share a bit too much of my personal life on my blog, however, I am a life blogger and real experiences matter to me. I feel if I share my real experiences, others can relate.

    Regardless, like I said earlier, you do what you feel comfortable with. Either way, people will still read it. πŸ™‚

  5. Chery Schmidt says:

    Hey Jens, My first blog was all about telling tall tales LOL I actually didn’t have clue to what I was doing and I probably didn’t have a whole lot of visitors either so I guess I don’t feel to bad about it.

    But on my new blog, I do share a lot more about me and yes it is all fact, I guess it doesn’t matter that you like to add a little fiction to your stories to juice things up so to say. I guess each to their own..

    I have tryed each way and do prefer to let people know the real me.. Thanks for sharing Chery :))

    P.S. I did end up on your blog here today Via Kingged where I also left you a comment and kingged..

  6. Lisa says:

    Hi Jens, I always tell the truth on my blog (otherwise I’d forget, LOL) but I don’t tell stories. If I did I probably would add a line at the bottom letting readers know that. I can understand why you would sway from the truth in entertaining readers with a story.
    But for teaching others I would stick with the truth and tell someone if someone really worked well or NOT. I would not want someone disillusioned about blogging, social media or SEO due to reading my blog.

  7. Enstine Muki says:

    He Jen,
    I don’t know if I have been here before but this time around I came in from πŸ˜‰

    Now, about telling lies, I often don’t do it. Sometimes I tell real stories. If I really have to tell a stories, I write stories you know cannot be true – fictions

    I’m going to be hanging around your blog for more engagement

    Do have a wonderful week

  8. I am not sure. Stories don’t necessarily have to be true, right?

    As they as they provide value – entertainment or perhaps it makes us think or reflect (like your stories).

    I have lied in the past – although, not necessarily for stories…I estimated many things, instead of actually recording the data, but I am paying a lot more attention to it now (turns out that recording is the data is even more helpful and interesting than estimating it).

    I loved how you wrote ‘I promised her something….”. I felt like I was involved in the conversation…and it certainly made me think about life and how I can enjoy it more πŸ˜€

    Anyways, Interesting topic, Jens πŸ˜‰

  9. Amit Kumar says:

    Telling the truth in blog posts also a great way of making faith on readers and providing a reputation to the blog. Here i will must mentioned the name of Enstine Muki sir (enstinemuki dot com) who attracted my attention by sharing truth. In result i visit each and every day on his blog.

    If anyone is writing fiction then it’s not a big problem. But in blogging people should be real. JENS, you really covered a nice topic and you shared all your feeling in this post like what you do or what you don’t.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us. keep sharing. I found this useful post on and became attracted to read full post. I loved it πŸ™‚

  10. Kristina Roy says:

    Hi Jens, what are you telling in your post true or lies, I don’t know but I want to say that everything is fair in love and war. Same think is here it doesn’t matter that you are telling true or lie because you say something. But everyone has its own perception. So I think we don’t need to talk about this. We should concentrate on valuable and useful blog posts. Thank to your useful information and story.

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