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The truth about YouTube Mailer

I am still wondering what the YouTube mailer is all about. I have received some comments on the earlier post about “the YouTube mailer being a scam”. I didn’t mean that the software is a scam, I was just curious on how it works and how it can not be a scam. A few people have told me that it works great.

What I am wondering is, how do they double optin from the YouTube users? Is the list of users open to the public? Have the [tag]YouTube[/tag] users been asked to join this “safelist”? And if so, are YouTube / Google involved in this?

I just can’t seem to figure out how this software really works.

4 responses to “The truth about YouTube Mailer”

  1. Cherie says:

    It is possible to do this and I have the software that can do it. I do not use it as yet.

    The software can be used for any email platform and is readily available to those who know where and how to get it.

    This software if used sensibly would be a great tool.

  2. Liz Calamusa says:

    I am a professional writer and use the YouTube Mailer among others, to drive traffic to my Examiner and IMFaceplate pages. I’ve gotten many many new readers from these mailings and so I would have to say that they actually do work.

    It all depends on how you use them, what time of day you run your ads, and of course, your headline to get the emails opened. You should always mix up that headline, make it interesting and tease the audience. Remember that it takes an average of 7 messages to get someone to trust you with their info. That being said, space those messages out so that you don’t get an unsubscribe.

    Just like anything else, it is all up to you. This is merely a tool amongst an arsenal of IM weapons.

    Here’s to your continued success 🙂
    Liz Calamusa

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