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Traffic Tactics

The Cutting-Edge Traffic Generation Techniques

From the desk of Jens P. Berget

Dear Friend,

You didnít start your online business to struggle and fail, but that is exactly what you are going to do if you donít learn how to generate traffic (and learn how to do it fast)!

After all, you can have the worldís greatest product and a beautifully designed website thatís filled with copy thatíll have prospects pulling out their credit cards in no time, but if you donít have any visitors, guess what Ė you arenít going to make any sales!

In fact, failure to understand the traffic generation game has led to the downfall of countless aspiring Internet marketers Ė donít let yourself be next!

The truth is generating traffic isn’t nearly as hard as you might think.

You don’t need to be a master of persuasion, and you certainly don’t need to have access to a contact list of thousands.

You also donít need to give half your earnings away to some one-sided joint venture that ends up bleeding you dry.

If you understand a few simple, cutting-edge techniques, you can drive traffic to your website Ė and you can do it for FREE!

Guess what, I’ve written an ebook…

“Traffic Roots is an amazing book! It completely changed the way I market myself on the Internet. Not only that, I made a little money selling it to my customers!
Thanks, Jens, you rock!”

Josh Hudson
Managing Partner/Co-Founder

I’ll teach you all about the three main categories of web traffic – and which you should be using to get the results you’re after!

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To everyone who is reading this, I have had a very positive feedback on Traffic-Roots, and it has been more encouraging than you could possibly realize. I had downloaded the eBook sometime back and implemented a couple of tips given there on my blog that I had set up pretty recently. I am a noober otherwise and did not do anything big to promote the blog. Itís a news blog with several competitive keywords and I knew my job would be tough, but for the news freak I am I wanted to stick with the niche I am passionate about. The blog is about a couple of months old and now after sincerely following some web traffic tactics described in the eBook, although not overwhelming but I am seeing steady traffic to the blog, I know that day is not far when I could say I have had 500UVs a day or even more should I be religiously following the same tactics given in the Traffic-Roots for sometime.

The tactics with respective links will make things much easier for newbies. I am writing this with the only intent of helping other noobers who are like me confused in the online world. Traffic-Roots had just given that extra push I needed to set my blog rolling.

Thanks Jens for the awesome source!

Best Wishes

Thanks for reading.

Jens P. Berget

Author of slymarketing, marketingflop and Traffic Roots.

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