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Is Traffic Oasis The Ultimate Marketing Tool?

I must admit that I have never tried Traffic Oasis, and I have never spoken to a person who have tried it either. I have only looked at their website many times, and I have read a few reviews. It seems like a good company doing good things for their customers. I am not sure how much money you can earn by being a member / affiliate, but what I am thinking of is Traffic Oasis as a way of promoting your business online.

If you decide to become a member at Traffic Oasis, you will get autoresponders (not sure how many, but I think you get four). You will get pre-written messages if you want to advertise Traffic Oasis, but I am not sure if that´s a good idea. You will also get leads, and that´s really their business. You can choose between different lead packages, and the better the quality of the leads, the less amount of leads you get a month. It seems, from what I can find of reviews, that they are offering great quality of their leads and that you can chose to get leads with a phone number or just name and e-mail. There are probably other types of leads as well.

What you can do with them is to import them into your autoresponder and your messages will be sent to them automatically. All you have to do is write some good e-mails promoting your business. So, if you are a member of Traffic Oasis, then you will get 300 leads a month (or less if you choose another package), and all you need to do is import them into your autoresponder. This way you will be promoting your business to 300 new people each and every month without doing anything. And if the leads are good, and it seems like they are, you will have 300 people interested to start a business online reading your messages.

Is this the ultimate marketing tool?

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