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Traffic Oasis same over and over again

I signed up as a trial member for Traffic Oasis a time ago. I was curious and I am still curious to see how good this program really is. All network marketers need really good leads, this company claims to have the best leads available. I haven`t made up my mind just yet to what I should be doing, but one thing that I don`t particularly like is that they keep sending me automatic messages maybe every 14 days or so. It would be ok if the messages they sent was different and would educate me, but they are sending me the same (or almost identical message) every time. This is the message I keep getting (I have replaced any name and affiliate with NN):

This is a message from your sponsor, NN , in
Sponsor ID: NN

Hi NN,

You haven’t upgraded to full Member with Traffic Oasis yet….WHY??

If you’ve been hanging around just watching…you’re missing out.

A LOT has been happening…with MUCH MORE to come.

– enhanced compensation
– more lead packages
– more tools

….just to name a few.

Don’t miss out on it.

To stay in the loop I strongly encourage you to take advantage of these tools:

1) A Traffic Oasis specific company discussion board & support site is located at We share tons of tips & ideas there.

2). For A Recorded General Overview Call 512-703-6148

3). For A Recorded Explanation Of How Traffic Oasis Will Pay You…Call 512-505-6816

4.) Get your copy of the manual “Recruit Your Way To Millions”…100+ pages of practical tips, insights, and “how to’s” for generating, contacting, following up, and closing leads that you AND your Team can apply immediately:

(Note: a new book is expected out soon to add to this series)

Take advantage of all we offer to build YOUR business…..

You need to know that we’ve had some MAJOR announcements recently with even more BIG news coming from Traffic Oasis very soon!

BUT….you won’t benefit from it unless you’re a Full Member. Which means you must upgrade NOW (includes getting the manual “How To Recruit Your Way To Millions” at no cost to you).

In a nutshell here’s how you stand to gain if you Upgrade NOW:

1. You’ll have even more types of lead packages & Team lead co-op opportunities to use for your primary business. More leads = more business = more income.

2. You could earn enough directly from TO to pay for your TO Membership. Put another way….just imagine all those leads & tools at no cost to you.

3. You could have a team from your primary MLM business all working the TO system together with you….building your primary business bigger faster. Just think….Duplication AND Momentum.

Now THAT makes business sense!

That’s it folks. So in the words of Nike…”Just Do It!”


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  1. Jerome says:

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