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Why do we want traffic from Google?

I shouldn’t be hard on Google. I’ve received some great traffic to my blog, and I still do. On the other hand, I’ve been punished enough. They’ve hit me hard, and I’m still shaking just thinking about it.

The last time I got hit with with a Google penalty, I had to contact an expert, to help me out. I had no idea why I had received the penalty, and the traffic to my site was terrible at the time. Like I said, I’m still shaking, just thinking about it.

A few weeks later, I started to ask myself a question; why do I want traffic from Google?

My first answer was this; I want people to discover my blog. If I focus on SEO, and if I do exactly what Google are looking for, I’ll be at the top of the SERP, and people will eventually find me.

But, the people who’re finding me through Google, they’ve never heard of me before. They’ve never read a single word I’ve written. They’ve no idea. It’s really hard to make them stay. I want them to continue to read, I don’t want them to leave. People who’re brand new to you, they need a really good reason to stay.

I started to ask myself a different question; how do I find people who’ll stay with me and who most likely will enjoy what I do? What I discovered, was that Google is not part of the answer (well, Google+ is).

If you focus on people, and not traffic, you’ll do it differently. You’ll start connecting with your readers on a different level. You’ll start engaging with them through social media, and you’ll start commenting on their blogs. You’ll be creating a strong relationship – because it’s worth it and because you really want it.

Tell your story, to people who’re interested in you, they’re already listening. Tell your story in the best possible way, so that your loyal readers will help you spread the word. That’s how you’ll find the people who care about you and your words.

18 responses to “Why do we want traffic from Google?”

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Jens, I’m going through that now but it’s not changing my traffic, just my PageRank at the moment. It is amazing how they can slap penalties around at us and ignore some of the big spammy sites out there.
    Thankfully we have so many more ways to get around Google today than ever before Jens!
    Connections are key online today and the relationships we make along the way…..

    • Hi Lisa,

      I absolutely agree with you. There are so many huge spammy sites out there, and we get hit again and again. The only thing that works, I guess, is to work harder and harder and focus on great content and building strong communities.

      – Jens

  2. Ellory Wells says:

    Hey Jens-Petter,

    I love that you pointed out “But, the people who’re finding me through Google, they’ve never heard of me before.”

    I’ve forgotten that point several times but it makes a lot of sense. Google search traffic finds me via a keyword or topic, not necessarily me.

    I’ve thought about starting a “start here” post/page. What are your thoughts on having one of those?


    • Hi Ellory,

      I have thought about creating a “start here” page as well, and I know a lot of other bloggers who are successful with it. We might only have one chance to make a great impression, and the first impression lasts for seconds, maybe one minute and the visitor will be gone forever.

      – Jens

  3. Joseph Montes says:

    Great information Jens. Its a love/hate with G+ for me. I never send my circles direct messages with links and from time to time get a warning 🙂

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks. G+ is a great network, but it’s hard to keep being busy at all the different networks. I am trying to send a lot of self-promoting stuff, but I do publish my new blog posts via the different social networks.

      Thanks for commenting Joseph.


  4. Hi Jens, That actually may not be true. I had a friend once tell me he was searching for Google traffic and my article about the topic appeared in his search results. He was impressed, Google gave legitimacy to my blog in that instance.

    It would be interesting to see what the bounce rate was for people arriving from Google. You’re right, it’s about relationships, but I’ve found that when I lose Google traffic there is a huge ripple effect, which makes me think those visitors were seeing multiple pages.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      You’re right. Now, with G+ it’s more likely that our friends will find us at the top of the Google SERP. And, if we’re doing it right, we might be at the top, even though we’re not friends on G+. I was generalizing, and I believe that most of the sites and people we find via Google are new sites and new people and not the people you already know. That’s why it’s harder to sell via a search engine, than via an existing customer/friend.

      Do you agree with me Carolyn?

      Thanks for commenting. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

      – Jens

  5. Ann07 says:

    Google has been so cruel in giving punishment to the websites who are not following their webinar rules. Maybe that’s the reason why you’ve got a punishment.

    Google is a great place where to expose your website as well as your blog posts, because people are merely asking Google all the answers for their questions -always.

    It is also a great place to get more traffic and leads, but as what the author said, it will be different if you focus on people and not in traffic.

    Great share! 🙂


    By the way, I found this post shared on

  6. cagla says:

    “Tell your story, to people who’re interested in you, they’re already listening. Tell your story in the best possible way, so that your loyal readers will help you spread the word. That’s how you’ll find the people who care about you and your words.” these are such a great summary of what engagement is all about. Congrats and thank you.

  7. Chris says:

    Well you DO need new traffic from somewhere… unfortunately Google is a necessary evil as far as I’m concerned.

    • You’re right Chris. We do need new traffic, and it’s great to get the traffic from Google. But, I don’t focus on Google. Fortunately, we can get traffic from social media and from existing readers and building a strong community.


  8. Ravi Chahar says:

    Hi Jens,

    We all know that Google is the biggest search engine to care about. There are many reasons for which many blogs get penalized. No one can figure out why is this happening?
    As you said instead of focusing on the SEO we should try to connect with as many people as possible.
    If we have large circle the we will automatically receive traffic to our blog. Making human relationship is much better than thinking about only SEO.

    Thanks for clicking my mind again to focus at my audience.


    • Hey Ravi,

      That’s exactly my point. It’s great to get traffic from Google, but it’s better to focus on building a strong community with like-minded people. Try making your readers spread the word for you, I believe that’s the key to a successful online business/blog.


  9. Dr. Diana says:

    Hello Jens,

    You are right, these days Google is punishing websites without any warning. According to me Google want to promote their Adwords Ad network. Because they want only money no respect for bloggers and people’s hard work. I did not find your blog via Google but I found it though Harleena Singh’s blog.

    Good Luck for Safe Blogging


    • Hi Diana,

      You might be right. Google has a huge business, and their Adwords network is how they’re making money. On the other hand, they want their search engine to bring the best possible results for their customers. I’m not sure why they are punishing websites (like mine) without warning – but it sure makes it hard to keep moving forward.

      It’s great that you found my blog via Harleena, she’s amazing and her blog is too.


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