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Traffic From Discussion Forums

I include traffic from discussion forums in my 1 hour a day blog traffic technique.

I use one very popular discussion forum every single day. It’s digital point with more than 55,800 active members. The reason I am using digital point is because it’s a very popular forum and it’s specific to my niche, Internet marketing.

There are many reasons why discussion forums can be a waste of time, the main reason is that they can be a huge time drain. That’s why I never use more than 10 minutes a day (I could use all day, because there are probably thousands of new threads each day).

I believe there’s a right way to use discussion forums, and you’re using it right if you’re helping people and actually part of the discussion (and didn’t join in order to promote).

Traffic will come if you:

Now, when it comes to get people to visit your website, there’s one thing that you should be focusing on. Think about it, it doesn’t matter if you’re very helpful and people are very interested in what you do, if you don’t give them a link to your website (well, they can contact you at the forums, but you want them to visit your website as well).

Add visible links

I’ve seen a lot of examples of people who don’t know how to drive traffic to their website by using discussion forums. Some people don’t add links at all, others add the wrong links and links that it’s hard to see.

There are many ways to do it, but one that works better than all the others (at least it does for me).

This is it:

How I get traffic from discussion forums

I add a link to my newest blog post next to my avatar. It uses RSS and will always show a link to my latest blog post. I also add a link to my latest blog post in my signature. This way a lot more people will see it.

In order to get attention, I’m using bold and two red arrows.

One link at the top and one at the bottom

I believe that the links should be identical. That’s because then people might get your message twice, instead of only seeing it one time. And you’re also saying that it’s important to you that they click this link (because that’s the only way they can visit your website).

Everytime I publish a new blog post, I update my signature with a link to this specific blog post. This way my signature is always fresh, and people are starting to notice.

Let me hear your story

I’m ready. Do you have any feedback on this? Let me know. And are you using discussion forums as part of your marketing strategy?

My next blog post will be on friday (two days from now) and will be about you and the stars of marketing.

20 responses to “Traffic From Discussion Forums”

  1. Madav says:

    Thanks a lot for the Article.I was never ever used forums for marketing my blog.

    • You should start right away. It’s completely free, you’ll meet a lot of awesome people and you’ll even learn a lot (and it helps drive traffic to your site).

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  2. TristanH says:

    I’ve found that it depends on the niche. I used to have a rock climbing blog and I’d get a LOT of traffic back to my blog from participating in forums. I’ve used forums a fair amount for Blogging Bookshelf, and I get much, much less traffic for Blogging Bookshelf than I did for the climbing blog. Though I think part of that has to do with the fact that I’ve been participating not on “blogging” forums but more general “internet marketing” forums. Oh well.

    I haven’t been using forums as much as a late. I personally feel that for my blog and my niche, commenting on other blogs has been a better use of my time. Though I should give forums a try again. I know I need to be consistently using forums in order to see real traffic from them.

    My first ever guest post was actually about how to get more traffic by using forums. I won’t link to it in the comment here, but it’s at and called 8 Tips To Get Traffic From Online Forums.

    Oh, and your schedule is already working! I was going through other blogs and then I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, it’s Wednesday! Jens must have posted again today!” And sure enough, you did 🙂 I’m looking forward to your next post, too.

    • Hey Tristan,

      I believe you’re right. Commenting on other blogs is a better use of your time. I only spend about 10 minutes a day on the discussion forum, that’s it. I do it every single day (only 10 minutes) and the traffic from the forum is my #6 source of traffic according to amount of visitors to my blog.

      By the way, I didn’t know you had a blog about rock climbing. Do you still have it?

      Was your first guest post at Wow, that’s impressive. The site gets lots of traffic. Did you get a lot of traffic from the blog post?

      And thanks again for the tips about the scheduling. It’s actually a lot more fun to blog with a schedule 🙂

      • TristanH says:

        The rock climbing blog was just for fun. I never did much beyond forum posting (which I was doing anyway) to get readers and I never replied to the comments, so it never really took off. But yeah, it’s still there and you can go check it out at I don’t update it any more, but it still earns me some AdSense income every week. I didn’t have any ads on it when I was actively blogging there, but then slapped huge, annoying ads on once I stopped 🙂

        I’m a very avid rock climber, and am actually in the latest issue of Climbing magazine here in the States for a climb that I did! Are you interested in climbing at all?

        Yeah, my first guest post was at Daily Blog Tips, but I was actually very disappointed with the amount of traffic I got from it. It wasn’t any more than what I’ve gotten from most of my other guest posts on much smaller (in terms of readership) blogs. And it’s not nearly as impressive as it sounds; it wasn’t hard at all to get it posted there. I mean, it’s updated every day and he needs lots of new content!

        • I’m not really interested in climbing, although it looks like a lot of fun. I have never tried it, but would love to. So, I guess I’m interested, but I’ve never tried it. You must be an awesome climber since they’re writing about you in the magazine. Have you been doing it for long?

          Have you ever thought about outsourcing the writing for your DailyClimbingTips?

          If you didn’t get lots of traffic from Daily Blog Tips, at least you’ll get the link, and it means a lot from a blog like that.

          • TristanH says:

            I’ve been climbing for… gosh… 12 or 14 years now? I’m definitely not the best climber around, but I know what is print-worthy and what isn’t; one of my life goals was to get into a climbing magazine, and now I have! It’s like with blogging… I’m not the best blogger in the world, but I’m good enough and have enough experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

            I actually haven’t considered outsourcing the writing for Daily Climbing Tips. I don’t think it would really make me enough money to make it worthwhile unless I invested a lot more of my time into creating info products (which I wouldn’t outsource because climbers usually aren’t good writers 🙂 that I could sell. In the spring when the weather is nicer, I’ve considered making a bunch of how to rock climb videos and creating a membership site. But it all really comes down to opportunity cost. Sure, I could do that and probably make some money with it, but I think I’d be able to make more money if I instead invested that time in Blogging Bookshelf.

            And yeah, it was still worth writing for Daily Blog Tips because of the backlink. I’m not sorry I did it, but I am a little bit disappointed that there wasn’t more traffic from it.

            • Sounds like you got yourself a great plan. I bet that you’re going to earn a lot of money from Blogging Bookshelf, so I would invest your time and money on that blog instead of doing other stuff, at least for now.

              When it comes to guest blogging, my best experience so far comes from (I haven’t been writing that many guest posts, so I can’t compare it to many blogs. But they provide good quality traffic and Harsh (the admin) is awesome.

              What’s your favorite blog to publish guest posts?

              • TristanH says:

                My favorite blogs to guest post on have been (I’m actually guest blogging there once a week now because Ana asked me to! I agreed because I’m interested in seeing how long term guest blogging in a site can bring in new readers and new traffic) and was a great one, too, and Alex is a stud. I’m finding that it’s more important to have an active community with lots of comments than it is to have a bazillion subscribers but little interactivity on the blog. I get more new subscribers that way. The above blogs I mentioned have been great, and I like all of the blog owners.

                I’ve written 11 or 12 guest posts now. I love it! is on my list of sites to post on. I’ll get there eventually!

                • I actually haven’t visited any of the blogs you mention. But will do it right away, and I’ll add them to my reader.

                  I have only written 4 guest posts, but I really enjoy it as well. And to me, this has been the best way to build relationships with people and drive traffic, and it’s completely free.

                  Thanks a lot for sharing this!

  3. Fernando says:

    I totally agree with Tristan, I definitely think it depends on the Niche, but still! I mean getting more traffic is never something bad!
    Nice to meet you and hope to see you around!

  4. Eldes says:

    i Agree, the Forum marketing is very efective 🙂

  5. First time here Jens, love your site’s look and feel. I’ve used discussion forms effectively in the past but like you, I try to go through them quickly and see if someone out there has a problem that I can answer right away. By simply looking for ‘problems’ and dismissing the rest, there’s a great chance you’ll garner visits.

    Keep up the great work. 🙂

  6. Devesh says:

    Hi Jens,

    Forums are great way to get high quality traffic. Many people ignore this technique but it’s one of the awesome way to get traffic and build your brand.

    DigitalPoints is one of the my favorite forum. From last 1-2 months i’m not active on any of the forums, but will going to start using them again.

    Thanks for the kick Jens. Keep up the awesome work.

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Devesh,

      I also stopped using digital point for a few months, but then I realized how much traffic I was missing and how easy it was to do it. Now, I spend about 10 minutes a day and I get about 20 new visitors from it, and good quality traffic.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

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