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Trackboost and Utility Poster by Jack Humphrey

You have probably heard of Jack Humphrey as he is one of the real gurus of Internet marketing. Now, I have just received information about his new software called Utility Poster and the upgraded version called Trackboost.

First, take a look at this video from YouTube where Jack Humphrey explains the features:

As far as I know, the price for the lite version, Utility Poster will be $67 and the price for Trackboost will be $197, you can read more about them and buy them at

According to the e-mail I received from Jack Humphrey:

  • It creates FAST, relevant posts.
  • It pings the people you link to.
  • It gets you some of the BEST LINKAGE to be had on the web.

It tracks those links so you know how many people link back
to each post you make. (Trackbacks)

It allows you to retroactively get trackbacks for posts
you’ve already made but didn’t have the time to go
searching for trackbacks by hand.

Has a built-in ping list to notify all the ping sites that
your older posts have been updated to bring the search
engine spiders back to re-index your posts.

Utility Poster does much of the above but DOESN’T include
trackback link tracking and doesn’t actively ping people
you link to.

It makes finding and posting the best, most recent blog
posts in your niche easy as pie and will save you TONS OF
TIME over doing the same thing by hand.

You’ll become a more PROLIFIC, regular writer because of it
which means more content. And that means more traffic and
more search engine rankings for more keywords.

It seems to be a very interesting software (or two versions of an interesting software) that can really help you promote your blog. As I am writing this it’s 12 hours untill they will launch, so I really don’t know if they will be worth $67 or $197.

Take a look at Trackboost and tell me what you think.

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