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For about a week, everytime I look at the top referring pages to my blog, it seems that I am receiving spam in the list (or at least something weird is happening). Not sure why and how it has happened though. The spam I am talking about is from poker sites and casino sites especially.

Many people are visiting my blog clicking from some of the sites on the list. Actually they are always on the top 10 list, every single day. It´s really annoying, and the reason is that when I visit the sites that supposedly refer to my blog, a link to my blog cannot be found anywhere.

Today for example (not trying to blame anyone for this, but here it comes), there are two sites that supposedly referred many people to my blog:

Is this just a new form of marketing to blogs? Only the owner of the blog will ever see the sites, but if they send this to a lot of blogs, they will receive visitors from curious owners. It might not be illegal either, not sure if this is some sort of spam or what it can be classified as. They only send you fake visitors (that´s what I think).

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