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The Top Mistakes You’re Making to Get Your Guest Post Rejected

This is a guest post by Chloe Trogden.

blogYou already know that guest posting is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks to your website so that you can increase your page rank and drive traffic to your site. All of that can help you to increase your sales and conversions, cementing the success of your site.

Guest posting has become such a popular marketing tactic that many site owners are inundated with requests to publish guest posts on their blogs. In order to make yourself stand out so that your post is actually accepted and published, you need to make sure that you don’t make any of these top mistakes that guest posters make:

Don’t Read the Guidelines

Most sites that accept guest posts publish their guidelines under a tab labeled “Write or us” or “Submit a guest post” or something similar. Typically, these guidelines are quite extensive and include information about the topics accepted, the minimum and maximum word count, the number of links allowed in the post, the number of photos required (if any) and so on.

Many guest posters don’t read these guidelines and submit posts that don’t meet the criteria — and are then promptly rejected. You must read the guidelines and you must adhere to them in order to get your post published.

Send a Form E-mail

Many guest posters are marketers who work for companies looking to increase links back to their site. They send out dozens of e-mails per day to sites requesting the opportunity to guest post. Typically, the e-mail they send is a form e-mail that is not personalized for the site owner — except maybe to plug in the name of the site.

If you want to increase your chances of getting your guest post accepted, you have to familiarize yourself with the blog and then create a personalized pitch with a topic that is tailor-made for that blog. Include the blog owner or editor’s name, and include information that shows you are familiar with the blog and will submit content that will promote its goals.

Write a Post that Is Off-Topic

Your blog might be about payday loans, but that’s probably not a topic of interest to readers of a blog about healthy eating. Yes, you want to submit guest posts in order to promote your own site, but the owner of the blog who is going to publish your guest post is interested in promoting the topics on his or her own site. If you want to make sure that your posts get accepted, you have to write articles that are on-topic for each blog that you pitch.

If you write posts for blogs in your niche, you’ll not only be able to write about the topics with which you’re familiar, but you’ll also build a higher-quality link profile with Google, helping you to increase your site’s page rank.

Submit Spun or Generic Content

Blog owners are looking for content that is unique and that will provide their readers valuable information and insights. If you submit content that is spun or generic, you will surely have your post rejected. Take the time to write posts that are in-depth and that provide critical insights and valuable information that help readers solve problems. In fact, many marketing experts suggest that you write all your best content for your guest posts in order to get the links and to establish your reputation as an expert with a new audience.

Not Proofreading

You may have a lot of great information in your post, but if it’s filled with grammatical and spelling errors, readers will never get past the surface of your article to discover its depth. Make sure that you proofread all your posts before you submit them for consideration. Get another person to look it over if it will help. The goal is to submit a post that has no spelling or grammar errors so that readers can focus on your ideas instead.

Guest posting is a great way to promote your site and to get the traffic that you need. However, if you’re making any of these common mistakes in your guest-posting strategy, you aren’t going to get your posts accepted. Avoid these mistakes and you will see more of your posts accepted by the bests blogs in your niche so that you can start building the quality links that your site needs.

What mistakes do you see guest posters making with your blog? Share your experiences in the comments.


Chloe Trogden is a researcher focusing on grants for school who writes on specific opportunities such as federal education grants. Her leisure activities include camping, swimming and playing her guitar.

14 responses to “The Top Mistakes You’re Making to Get Your Guest Post Rejected”

  1. Laura says:

    If you’re trying to get backlinks to your website it’s easier to post ads in directories that offer do follow links, than sending emails for guest postings. I’m not talking about link directories, no – I’m talking about websites similar to press releases – which btw are another great way to build links. I’ve seen some tutorials on this theme on Youtube.

    • Des says:

      Hi Laura, do you have a link on these tutorials you mentioned, Seemed like, I couldn’t find the exact thing you mentioned.

      Anyway, thanks Jens for posting this topic. A lot of writers actually missed a lot of things that is why they often get rejected.


  2. nabil says:

    Guest posting has become such a popular marketing tactic that many site owners are inundated with requests to publish guest posts on their blogs.So to be sure that your post is actually accepted and published, you need to make sure that you don’t make any of these top mistakes that guest posters make:Don’t Read the Guidelines,Send a Form E-mail,Submit Spun or Generic Content, and so on.This is really interesting and useful.

  3. Jane says:

    With the number of small and medium companies that do bulk guest posting for clients, the whole guest blogging thing has become a lot more spammy than it used to be. In fact there is no value in over 95% of the posts submitted as guest posts. In fact I have completely closed accepting guest posts at my blog Problogging Success because of this.

    I not only get “template” type generic emails addressed to “Websmaster” but recently I also start getting submission that are made to multiple blogs. The communicating person openly says that they have submitted this post to multiple blogs and that I have to fill in “yes” or “no” on a shared Google Doc to reserve that post for me. How funny!

  4. Chloe Trogden says:

    I might also add, responding to comments on your own guest post will let the blog owner (and any future prospects) know that you’re the real deal 😉

  5. I’m not on a blogging schedule. Except for my monthly newsletter, I never “have” to write. I just do it when an idea keeps coming to me that I can’t help but sit down and write about.

  6. Yasir Khan says:

    Submitting spun content is blatantly spamming. Google hate that technique and so will do an action to get rid of you in the search engines. Remember, it is one of the reasons why Penguin update was implemented, it is to eliminate websites using rehashed or duplicate content.

  7. anis says:

    I really hate the situation when I receive a guest post proposal and I witness that is spun or very short I really hate it
    I do my best to provide quality content 😀
    Thanks for sharing !

  8. Nishadha says:

    I manage few blogs and it’s amazing how many guest posting offers I get with hello webmaster, hello admin at the top. Even more amazing is when you read the email and you see something like “I love reading (blog name)” in the mail content. With Google clamping down on illegal links guest blogging has become popular but maybe not in the best way. Also I don’t agree with you on writing off topic things. The purpose of a guest post should be to attract new visitors, build authority and get a quality relevant link. Writing off-topic wont do any of this.

  9. Dany Moore says:

    Hi peter,
    Yes you are right, most of us people are forgot to read the guidelines of every guest post submission blogs..Because here this is important to submit our post into that..And for each and every blog they have their own editorial guidelines so we have to respect and forward them. Anyway good to reminds this valuable information of a post.

  10. samarth says:

    hi jens,
    First of thanks for sharing an descriptive post on how to write a guest post. it helped me a lot.
    i have tried guest posting on movie reviews and specs of latest smartphones. but now i noticed the things that i was doing wrong.

    Thanks again..! will share my success story once i get my guest post approved.

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