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Top 8 Mistakes that New Bloggers Make

This is a guest post by Bridget Sandorford.


Every successful blogger had to start somewhere, and most of them made a few mistakes along the way — OK, a lot of mistakes. Blogging comes with a steep learning curve, and there is a lot of trial and error as you figure out what works best for your blog in order to achieve your personal goals for your business and your online presence.

You will never be able to avoid making mistakes entirely, but you can avoid many of the common mistakes that new bloggers make by doing a little research before you get started. This will help you to move your blog along a little faster so you can achieve the success you’re looking for a little more quickly. Here are the top 8 mistakes that new bloggers make that you should try to avoid when you are getting started (and that you definitely shouldn’t be doing anymore if you are an established blogger):

Not Hosting Your Own Domain

Free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger are alluring for new bloggers who like the ease of use that they offer. However, free blogging platforms are very limiting in what they allow you to do with your blog. You may not be able to get the functionality you need, you may not be able to get the professional looking design that you want, you may not be able to accommodate the traffic that you hope to generate, and you certainly will not be able to sell the kind of advertising that you want to make money on your blog. You need to host your own domain in order to get all these features and more so that your blog can live up to its full potential.

Not Using a Custom Design

Every blogging platform comes with basic themes. If you use these, visitors will recognize them right away and think that your site is of poor quality. You can use a professional template, but hundreds or even thousands of other sites may be using the same one. It’s important to set yourself apart by creating or purchasing a custom design. You can use a template if it’s easier, but make sure you customize enough of the elements to make it stand apart.

Not Using a Custom Logo

Your logo is your brand. If you create a generic logo from text or some clip art, you are going to miss out on a big opportunity to define your brand. Invest the money in a custom design to make a bigger impact. You can use sites like Design Crowd in order to connect with professional designers and get a logo at an affordable price.

Not Creating a Unique Voice

Content is king when it comes to promoting your site. If you are creating generic content with generic writing, you aren’t going to attract the traffic you want. You must write in your own, unique voice. Be bold with your ideas, and don’t be afraid to share your unique perspective. Doing so is what will make you stand out and get the traffic you want.

Not Using SEO

Search-engine optimization is one of the most important ways that you can promote your blog — and you can do it totally for free. Do your keyword research and use the most relevant terms in your blog posts, your page titles, your meta descriptions, your photo tags, and many other places in your content and your code. Doing so will help you rise to the top of search results fast.

Not Changing the Permalinks

Permalinks are the URLs of your posts and pages. The default for most blogs is something generic like You need to change these so that they reflect the name of your post instead — — so that the page can be more easily indexed for keywords and can help you increase your page rank.

Not Reaching Out to Other Bloggers

You may see other bloggers as your competition, but they can also be your greatest allies in promoting your content and your site. Reach out to other bloggers by leaving comments on their posts and on their social media profiles. Start a conversation and build a relationship. They may end up sharing your content with their readers, getting you more traffic, or you may end up collaborating on something more significant, such as an e-book or online course.

Not Promoting Social Bookmarking

Social networking is still a powerful way to market your blog. Make sure you have social sharing buttons on each of your posts and pages, and make sure you promote your own social networks through badges and widgets.

It can be a tough road to becoming a successful blogger, and you are bound to make many mistakes along the way. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes that new bloggers make and you will accelerate your success.


Bridget Sandorford is a freelance food and culinary writer, where recently she’s been researching the Culinary Institute in Dallas. In her spare time, she enjoys biking, painting and working on her first cookbook.

22 responses to “Top 8 Mistakes that New Bloggers Make”

  1. Bren says:

    Guilty Guilty Guilty as charged 🙂 Thankfully I finally figured it all out! Great post!

  2. Suresh Khanal says:

    What could be more bad than not hosting your own domain name. In fact while working for long with subdomains will just contribute to the domain authority and when you need to move, you lost everything. This is #1 suggestion for any new bloggers.

    Most people do not understand the difference between getting your own domain name and own hosting. They tend to believe that you should spend huge money to host your own blog. Little more information about domain names and how to use them with Blogspot blogs could help them.

  3. Oh I see sites all the time that are “Not Changing the Permalinks” and it drives me insane. These are some pretty popular bloggers too! P=1235? is just tacky when your actual post title could there. Plus, it’s a waste of good SEO space.

  4. Khaja Moin says:

    Hi Bridget,
    On the whole I think not investing on good products is major drawback which I did in my initial stages of blogging.
    All of the above mistakes are done my most of them and their is nothing wrong in it. I learnt many things from blogging, because I learn through my mistakes.


  5. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Bridget

    Welcome to Jens’ blog.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all bases now, apart from a custom logo. That’s the next on my list. I created my current one myself and it’s okay but I’m not a graphic designer and it shows!

    I hadn’t heard of Design Crowd, so thank you for letting me know about that.

  6. Aditi says:

    Although these are truly very common for all newbie bloggers but yes we need to avoid it as possible. Custom design and logo do play a vital role and yes doing these mistakes definitely cause a harm at our blog. Thanks for the share!!

  7. Sunday says:

    This post is educative as well as instructive to every blogger. There is no doubt that many new bloggers make a lot of mistakes when starting out, but they are just learning the steep curve.

    The 8 mistakes highlighted in this post are very clear for new bloggers to avoid. I must add that starting out to create uniqueness in content and design is very important. More so, another mistake that should be avoided is not creating email list early.
    Sunday – contributor

  8. thank you for this information
    keep it continue.

  9. Dita says:

    Hi Jens,

    It never ceases to surprise me that people are still turning to Blogger and when starting to blog. I can understand that if someone just wants to have a small hobby blog and does not want to pay the monthly fees for hosting.

    However, a majority of blogs are in some way online business blogs and I still see some people start rather than I think the issue here is confusion. Many new bloggers have no clue of the distinction and don’t understand the difference between the two and that is unfortunate. I came across this problem just about 2 weeks ago when I was helping one newbie blogger. Shes set up because she simply did not even know of All she was aware of that she needs to set up a wordpress blog.

    By the way, thanks for sharing the ideas, they are all very helpful and everyone should read them and implement your suggestions..



  10. Christine says:

    very useful info. bro…!!! helpful for the new bloggers…,where i also committed some mistakes but sometime fails to do one simple thing and that consistency

  11. Bilal Akbar says:

    Nice post. Obviously these all steps need to be worked upon in order to succeed online. Day by day competiton is increasing in the online world and you need to do something different to stand out.

  12. Handyman says:

    Thank you very much for such a great and useful article.

  13. Serdar Kara says:

    SEO have been a part of the online media community and utilizing one would mean a great margin for blog/site efficiency. Learn from others mistakes and develop a strategy to combat and avoid any of that. Must share post.

  14. maksan says:

    Interesting news . It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  15. Chris says:

    I didn’t start reaching out to other blogs till recently but so far it’s been awesome. It’s a great chance to get in front of another blogs audience.

  16. Adrienne says:

    Hey Bridget,

    All I can say is that I’m so glad I’m not a newbie blogger anymore. Gosh, I remember those days and I seemed to have made so many mistakes. Okay, so the majority on your list here I did do eventually and you’re right, it makes a big difference.

    Anyone not following Bridget’s advice here needs to do so quickly. I mean that is if you would like to have a pretty successful blog.

    Great choice on guest post today Jens and thanks. You two enjoy your week.


  17. Martin says:

    Not Hosting Your Own Domain / This is the big mistakes that I have do with my blog, to hosting domain is very importan.

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