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The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur – Why You Should Read it Now

toilet paper entrepreneur

I have just finished reading The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. And lately, I have been reading a lot, I have been reading books like Turning Pro and The War of Art, and that’s because I really need to learn more about how to stop procrastinating , how to stay creative, how to turn my passion into a business, and finally, I need to learn more about how to run a business. I am a solo entrepreneur, and I am building my business one small step at a time.

I Am a Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

To succeed, we must first believe that we can. – Michael Korda

When I first started my business, and trying to answer how to start a successful blog, I didn’t think that I was doing anything out of the ordinary. I just thought that I was working, doing what I had more or less always been doing, and getting paid by several companies, instead of the usual paycheck from the University. That was it. I didn’t consider myself an entrepreneur. But, I soon discovered, that if my business is going to be successful, and something I’ll be making money from years from now, I need change the way I think. And, I need to change what I believe is possible.

That’s when I decided to buy and started reading The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. The book by Mike Michalowicz is more or less a guide to how to start a business, and how to turn it into a successful one. At the moment, this is one of my favorite books, mostly because I really needed to learn what Mike Michalowicz had written.

The thing is, toilet paper entrepreneur are steadfast innovators who make miracles happen with three sheets or less. We don’t need a business plan, we don’t need a lot of money to get started in business. There’s a lot of things we don’t need, and the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur helped me realize what I should be focusing on.

Focus is more important than ever

I have been writing about how I constantly hustle with focus to get things done, and especially to become even better at what I am currently doing. But, the toilet paper entrepreneur is different, it’s not about writing or working per se, it’s about the business. I don’t know why, but after reading that I should concentrate on where I want to be, I understand that my chances of successfully getting there are far great than if I focus on what I am trying to avoid, things are far easier than when I first started my business.

I’ve been reading about that the sole purpose of my business should be to make the customer feel better. Feeling better is all that matters. And, I should always be better at providing “better” than any of my competitors. That’s how easy it should be.

I need to focus on my values. My values should say a lot about who I am, which in turn says a lot about the type of business I have created. I must ensure absolute consistency between my values and my business. If everything I do in my company is consistence with my values, I will be happy and always inspired to work. And, in The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, I read about the importance of having immutable laws; filters for every consideration in my business.

The immutable laws are the spine of my business. After reading The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, I started to discover my own immutable laws. And, I ended up with things like, give to give. Giving for the joy of giving without expecting anything in return.

One of the reasons why I have been struggling to find focus, is that I have been trying to be everything to everyone. But, now that I’ve got my area of innovation, and I understand that I can’t focus on both quality, price or convenience. I must pick the category that fits seamlessly with my beliefs and my immutable laws. For instance, what happened when Wal-Mart launched a movie download service in February 2007? It failed miserably, because it wasn’t the cheapest. They focused on convenience rather than price, and that’s not who Wal-Mart is. McDonald’s leads on convenience. Mercedes leads on quality. And, as a business owner, we need to decide who we are.

Planning the business

I was thinking about creating a business plan, a marketing mix, and lots of other strategies to get my business going. But, after reading the toilet paper entrepreneur, I discovered that what I should be creating was three sheets of paper:

A prosperity plan have some key elements, like what is your life mission, what is your life’s purpose?. Then, you should identify your destiny, think of it as your ultimate goals. Next, area of innovation, you should only focus on one, quality, price or convenience. Then, it’s the immutable laws, and they must be your personal values. And, finally, it’s the community. The people you are serving. You must connect with people who share the same values as you and/or aspire to be like you and/or aspire to be somewhat like you.

The quarterly plan is a one-page, detailed description of what your business must accomplish in the next ninety days to cover the most ground toward its destiny. It covers the most important goals that must be accomplished in the next quarter, and it covers:

And, finally, review the daily metrics. The daily metrics should identify the three to five most critical numbers you can review, every day, to ensure you are progressing properly. Each daily metric must be a single number and must clearly identify progress toward your prosperity plan and quarterly plan.

That’s it. I know that I’ll be re-reading The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Michael Michalowicz sometime soon, because this is a book I really need to keep reading to have success in my business.

11 responses to “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur – Why You Should Read it Now”

  1. Lisa says:

    Jens, I loved the title of this book- blog post. I first came across it on Triberr and said I must read. Very interesting. We really need to set our goals and priorities to be successful. We can’t just wander aimlessly to arrive somewhere, right? Love the analogy with Walmart. We can’t all sell the cheapest. We have to differentiate ourselves in some way. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • That’s exactly why I love Triberr Lisa. We discover so many new and awesome posts within our communities. I used to wander aimlessly, and even though I still do it sometimes, I am way more focused now, and I am thinking about my business in a different way than I used to. And, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is a great book for people who are running their own business, or are thinking about starting.

  2. Thank you for the review Jens. Made me want to read it for sure. Daily metrics is really the onle one of the three crucial toilet papers I have some control over at this moment.

  3. Ursula says:

    Great review! I will definitely pick up the book this week. I think a lot of people preach the business plan and always forget the main ingredient- the customer!

  4. Des says:

    It’s my first time to hear about this book and I think, this is a good motivational book for those who wanted to start their own business and succeed with it. Anyway, thanks for this honest review. Will surely put this book on my to-read list.


    • I highly recommend that you read it if you’re running your own business or thinking about starting your own business. It’s a great book, with some really interesting ideas on what to focus on.

  5. Aayna says:

    Firstly, the title of this post is quite amusing. The title made me read this post. The article is very well written, it is never easy to start up one’ own company and become an entrepreneur. Thanks for highlighting about this book.

  6. Fatima says:

    Becoming an entrepreneur is a challenging thing and requires guidance and exposure of all kinds of expected circumstances. The book seems to be helpful indeed. Thanks for sharing the information.

  7. This is a nice book for the young entrepreneur (both in age and mind) looking for tips on how to get started with their business ASAP and become a Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (someone who takes action and gets started in the entrepreneurship world with limited resources but a creative mind).

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