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Todoist – The reason I made the switch

I have been writing about productivity for a long time. I’ve written articles like how to focus on writing when your cat is peeing on the kitchen table, and the pomodoro app for Mac. One of the hardest things to do, is to keep focusing on the most important things, and get it done when you need to do it.

I’ve been using many different methods to help me stay productve, and what works is the Pomodoro technique. I’m working in 25 minute batches, and I’m always focusing one one task in each batch. The pomodoro techniqe makes me do things faster, and I get a lot more done during the day. But, what’s been missing is the “perfect” task manager.

Todoist – what it is

What I’ve been looking for is a task manager, a project management system and an advanced to-do list. I know, I’ve been using some really great systems, and the two top until recently, was Omnifocus and Things.

I was satisfied with both, until I discovered one feature that I was really missing. That feature alone was why I had to switch to Todoist.

First, let me tell you about the features of Todoist and what it is.

According to their website, over 2-million people are doing amazing things with Todoist, the world’s most powerful to-do list. It works with close to every device available, and it works on different platforms. It has beautiful design, and I can access my tasks everywhere.

Here’s some of the great features:

I really like how I can see my productivity. This makes it easy to evaluate how I’ve been doing.

todoist visualize productivity

Todoist – the real reason why I made the switch

I have been satisfied with using Things and Omnifocus, and since I was working as a solopreneur, I didn’t feel the need for anything different. But, things have changed and I am collaborating with more people than ever. So, what I discovered was that I actually needed a system to share my tasks and projects with other people. I wanted to delegate tasks and I wanted to share notes on different projects and tasks. I needed more control, and that’s the real reason why I made the switch to Todoist.

todoist sharing tasks

There are many awesome task managers, and systems to help you manage your to-do lists, but I’ve only found one truly awesome system that helps me share everything with my team members, and that’s Todoist.

Todoist – the powerful combination

Are you using a task manager? I know that I wouldn’t be as effective if I didn’t use one. I’m using the pomodoro technique, and I’m combining it with Evernote for all my notes and Todoist for all my tasks and to-do lists.

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