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Tired of an old Marketing Trick

Today I have visited several new and interesting sites, some of these sites are offering new e-books about online marketing and new systems to earn a huge amount of cash. I wasn´t going to buy any of those books, but I was interested in looking at how they are trying to sell the books.

How they are writing and how they are trying to trick me into buying. Yes, most of the people selling those e-books are trying to trick me into bying them. The reason is simple.

Almost everybody told me that if I bought the book before midnight or before a certain date, I would get the e-book to a very low price. Many visitors might fall for this trick, but I usually don´t. I have seen this so many times, and I am actually getting tired of seeing this over and over again. But I guess it works, if not, almost everybody wouldn´t be doing it.

…but I really hope that they will come up with something a little more creative soon.

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