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Tips to Help You build Your Community on Twitter

This is a guest post by Alyssa Clark. Don’t forget to read my information on marketing communication tools.

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Regardless of the industry you belong, it is becoming equally important to give your target audience a good platform and reason to communicate with you and vice versa. One of the most effective ways of doing this comes by building up a good community over Twitter.

There is no doubt to the fact that Twitter has become one of the best online marketing tools for business promotion and communication. This social media site has more than 500 million users all across the world. Hence marketing and promoting your brands over Twitter by forming community will give your business a better exposure and recognition. To make your Twitter marketing plan a result oriented thing, you simply require a strong community. Though building up a community over Twitter could be called a simple thing, yet it requires good amount of your time and efforts. Below is a list of some of the best tips, which can help you in building up your community over Twitter.

Tweet with a purpose

Before you actually start your Twitter campaign, make sure you have a tangible purpose. In other words, simply come out with your mission statement. This will help you as a businessman to share your passion with others. By doing this you will be able to get a better exposure before your target audience along with building up your businesses and becoming a positive example for your community. The tweets you send out to different people should be backed with a purpose of helping them or address their issues. Hence make sure you avoid tweets like; had a good dinner or planning to have a good holiday this coming weekend. You simply need to tweet as per your mission and purpose and do it on a regular basis. The more you remain active at Twitter, the quicker you end up creating your community.

Add and provide value

Though the term value could be called an ambiguous word, yet it has good amount of importance in it. By adding and giving value simply means that you give something to your target audience, which is genuine, that simply helps in improving their lives. So instead of coming up with phrases like check my articles or wait for my reply, the best way to render value to people is to make them feel that you are there to help them. This could include answering their concerns, queries and issues, which will certainly help you in creating some of the most enthusiastic communities over Twitter.

Actively listen

Apart from making people read what you have to say, listening to others actively would certainly help in building up a good community as well. The best thing about Twitter is that you could find all the tweets talking about any particular issue. This helps the social media marketers with some of the best opportunity to reach out to people who seem to be actively interacting over Twitter. So start searching for people who are talking about your products or services followed by reaching out to these people. Try listening to them actively and end up coming up with an engaged kind of community over Twitter.

Don’t keep selling your products or services

Though you are at Twitter to sell different things, yet you should avoid selling out your products or services. There are many posts and tweets over Twitter talking about buy these products or services, but the users here do hardly give any heed to these messages. No one on Twitter simply wants you to sell out things too often, hence better don’t sell out the things rather choose to remain helpful and you will see the sales coming up. You can certainly use Twitter as some of the best ways of generating your relationship in the initial step followed by the trust. With these things, you would be able to sell your products or services at the end, but first allow forming a strong and engaged kind of community.

Make your tweets unique and intriguing

The tweets you post should be unique and intriguing enough to attract your target audience. You could simply trigger some amount of interest in the minds of your followers. Better avoid tweeting over common topics, rather find out interesting issues, which are worthy enough to be read and re-tweeted. Lastly, while writing down the tweets or re-tweets, make sure you use proper English without any grammatical error or spelling mistake. In other words, be professional in your writings to help in building your Twitter community quickly.

Final word

Building up a good community over Twitter takes a lot of time, so you better have lots of patience. You need to be consistent in your efforts, but, hopefully, with the tips I have just shared, you will end up making an engaging community at Twitter.

About The Author:

Alyssa Clark is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes on Reputation Changer.

10 responses to “Tips to Help You build Your Community on Twitter”

  1. I am going to start Twitter marketing for my business for that I will keep your above mentioned points in mind.

  2. Mike Bourke says:

    I would add: Tell people about your products, don’t try to sell people your products. Inform the public what you do and demonstrate through your tweets that you know what you are talking about, and the sales will take care of themselves.

  3. Great article. Are there any fundamentals based on twitter marketing based on a specific date. For example a product launch or event?

  4. Anushha says:

    A twitter community can prove to be of great value to each and every member. The tips are written in an engaging manner, which is the star feature of this post. It is true that to start and live in a twitter community one must indulge in a give and take relationship. Thanks for the share.

  5. marytlou says:

    Keeping tweets unique is the most challenging things but I believe one should focus on sharing unique thoughts on different socio-political issues or anything that is current affairs to attract users.

  6. Sukaml Ghosh says:

    I tried everything of these. but it’s too hard.

  7. Karnal Singh says:

    Twitter is becoming more and more popular with time.Currently i am not actively using twitter for my blog.I am planing to start using it for my blog.It may be of practical use to my visitors because my blog is about Jobs.

  8. Levon says:

    Twitter continues to grow not only in popularity but in preference as well people preferred twitter above most applications.

  9. sunnyson548 says:

    Tweeting for an particular purpose may increse your followers and increases more traffic for yoru website. Estimate the words and mention your actual meaningful information towards yoru website.

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