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Tiger Woods – The Crash and The Mistresses

A while ago I wrote a post about the glitch, which Electronic Arts turned into really powerful marketing. Tiger Woods was the star of the game and of the YouTube movie.

Now. I’m not a fan of golf, Tiger Woods or celebrity gossip. But it’s kind of hard not to notice the news about the crash and the alleged mistresses. Put that aside for a moment, because I have no idea what the truth of the story is, and I don’t really care either.

My question is; should Tiger Woods have turned to Electronic Arts instead of attourneys and his PR people?

At first, just hours after the crash, and while media all over the world wanted answers, they didn’t get anything… other than rumors. The cops didn’t get much either. Then, I think it was a few days later, we got the press release from his website. It didn’t say much either.

Hence, the rumors continues.

What would have happened if he turned to Electronic Arts?

My guess is that they would have done something amazing, something funny, something entertaining, something that would have made people laugh and don’t care much about what really happened.

I’m not saying that turning to Electronic Arts would have been an option, but if it was an option, I think it would have been a very interesting one.

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