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The solution for the ticking clock syndrom

Do you ever think that you should have accomplished more in life by now? Some people get panic, thinking that they should be married by now, or that they should have a much better job by now. And, that doing what they’re currently doing doesn’t help.

It’s been three years since I started my journey as a solo entrepreneur (I wrote this post on my 1 year anniversary. I didn’t know anything about my journey at that time. It was just something I had to do. I didn’t know whether it would be a success or a failure, or something inbetween.

I started creating a business plan and a marketing plan, thinking that I’d finish them before I start working for any clients. To make a long story very short; I didn’t finish any of the plans.

That’s the first time I was thinking about the ticking clock syndrome.

The ticking clock syndrome and business

I’ve written a novel and a short story, you can read more about the novel here and you can read abou the short story here. As I was writing, I kept thinking that I wanted to finish both projects the same day. I was writing the novel for months, and I just wanted to finish it (and start something new).

The ticking clock syndrome isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Switch focus. You want to get things done fast, and you want results.

My solution

I am using Todoist to keep track of all my projects and all the details I need to do every day. I know that I need results fairly fast. This is part of the ticking clock syndrome.

This is why I am always working on different projects. Some of my projects are short and very specific, like writing this blog post. Other projects are long term and more diffuse, and will take months of work to finish.

It’s not like I’m multitasking, and that it hurts my productivity. I’m using the pomodoro technique to keep focusing on one thing at a time. And, by using GTD (getting things done) and the weekly review, I keep switching between long term and diffuse projects and short and specific.

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