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The Three Famous Ezine Formats

If you are going to create an ezine, you should first take a moment and think about what type of format you’re going to publish. As you probably already know, there are many different types and formats that you can run with, and of course there is also scheduling and the choice of selling advertising in your issues as well to think about.

I won’t cover this though, but first, you must pick a market. If you have your own product already, then start an ezine in that market to help promote your product and future products.

If you do not have a market to publish in yet, donít worry, you donít need a product to start an ezine., but you must still pick a market. After that, you just need to set up a publishing schedule of some sort and pick a format.

There are three different types of formats that you can use when publishing your ezine.

– Put the entire ezine in an email

This is the way I am doing it, even though I don’t call it an ezine. I publish a newsletter.

I just put the introduction, short ad blurb and article all in one email and send it out to all of my subscribers. Well, that’s how I do it most of the time.

This is the easiest way to do things as it doesnít require much editing.

I also always send it out as text and not an HTML page as those can still cause problems with some email readers.

– PDF File

Another popular option is to put your article in a PDF file and then send an email to your list telling them where they can download the file. I am also doing this with the monthly special reports, usually 5 – 8 pages long.

This has the added benefit of people being able to save it to their computer and view it later (more views means more people will click on the links in your ezine which means more traffic for you)

This also has an added benefit of a viral effect. You can put at the bottom (or top if you really want to stress it) of your ezine that they can pass the PDF file to their friends or make it downloadable on their web site or blog.

This can help introduce your ezine to people who are not yet subscribed to it. And of course, if your content is good and they like your ezine, they can subscribe to it.

A PDF file format is certainly a decent option if you like the ideas above, and you can create PDF file for free with something like:

– HTML Page

The last option is an HTML page. You can publish your ezine on your web site as a regular HTML page, then email your subscribers and give them the link to the latest issue.

This has the same benefit as the PDF file where people can refer their friends, or link to it from their own web site or blog which can generate more subscribers for you.

And it has an additional benefit of being able to use HTML in your ezine if you wanted to do more interactive content like pictures, flash animations or even video.

The problem with html pages is that it’s usually more work than with an email or a pdf file.

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