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Thousands of Fake FeedBurner Readers

I am using FeedBurner (a great free service) to handle all my rss subscriptions and I am even using FeedBurner to earn money from placing advertisements on my blog and I know that many of the top bloggers are also using FeedBurner for this.

One great way to promote your blog and your “subscribe to my rss feeds” is to place a FeedBurner FeedCount on your blog. This is an image with a text saying something like “1000 readers” by FeedBurner. It just tells your visitors how popular your blog really is. If you got many readers, visitors will think / know that your blog is worth subscribing to.

Today I found a blog that I immediately saw wasnīt that popular. The design was ok (a free theme), the articles was very short and not a whole lot of content, and there were no comments on the latest ten posts or so. But guess what?

They had an image in the sidebar with a text saying that they had 69 591 readers by FeedBurner. To me it was rather obvious that this had to be fake. Problogger by Darren Rowse has 24 352 readers as I write this, and his blog is one of the most popular once that I know of. And just see how well-written and interesting his articles are, and check out how many comments he gets on each article. Itīs obvious that the “popular” blog I visited today had a fake FeedCount.

What I am interested in today is; will a fake FeedCount help promote your blog?

I actually think it might, but maybe not if the number of readers obviously have to be fake like the example from above. If you have only 300 readers and thatīs nothing compared to the popular blogs. If you put another zero behind it and you say that you have 3000 readers, thatīs a lot for a blog and you might get attention from your visitors by doing that.

Itīs a way to promote your blog, but should you do it?

I say no. Never lie to your visitors, it will only hurt you and your blog in the end.

One response to “Thousands of Fake FeedBurner Readers”

  1. Tony Tran says:

    It could be good and just to view. There are no benefits from this at all.

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